How much do marketing associates earn?

The highest salary for a Marketing Associate in London Area is £63,563 per year. The lowest salary for a Marketing Associate in London Area is £27,448 per year.

How much do marketing associates make in SF?

The average salary for a Marketing Associate in San Francisco is $67,389. The average additional cash compensation for a Marketing Associate in San Francisco is $11,333. The average total compensation for a Marketing Associate in San Francisco is $78,722.

What level is associate in marketing?

A marketing associate is an entry-level position, and therefore has lots of potential for career advancement. After gaining some experience, marketing associates may advance to marketing managers, and then, with more experience, directors of marketing at larger companies.

What is a marketing associate position?

A marketing associate is responsible for planning and implementing marketing and advertising activities. They understand the extensive details of marketing and are familiar with ways to analyze market research and customers’ behavior.

How much does an entry-level marketing associate make?

Entry Level Marketing Associate Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $51,500 $4,291
75th Percentile $45,500 $3,791
Average $39,833 $3,319
25th Percentile $33,500 $2,791

What does an entry-level marketing position do?

The tasks that entry-level marketing jobs require vary, but typically involve assisting with research, customer service, administrative tasks, and reporting to account executives, media planners, and/or client services managers.

How much does a marketing coordinator make?

Marketing Coordinator Salary

Percentile Salary Location
10th Percentile Marketing Coordinator Salary $44,319 US
25th Percentile Marketing Coordinator Salary $50,505 US
50th Percentile Marketing Coordinator Salary $57,299 US
75th Percentile Marketing Coordinator Salary $65,945 US

What is the difference between a marketing coordinator and a marketing associate?

Though both positions generally require a bachelor’s degree, you’ll find that marketing coordinator job description tends to contain more administrative duties than that of a marketing associate.

What is the difference between marketing coordinator and marketing associate?

What do entry level marketers do?

In entry-level marketing roles, you would typically have the following responsibilities: Help marketing managers develop products, pricing, advertising and distribution strategies. Sell a product, service or idea. Assist marketing managers or directors by writing training manuals for new employees.

What is the highest paying job with an associates degree?

24 Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

  • Air Traffic Controller. Salary: $124,540.
  • Computer Programmer. Salary: $82,240.
  • Radiation Therapist. Salary: $80,570.
  • Nuclear Technician. Salary: $80,370.
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist. Salary: $75,660.
  • Dental Hygienist. Salary: $74,070.
  • Registered Nurse. Salary: $70,000.
  • Web Developer.

What jobs can I get with an associate’s degree in marketing?

Many students who hold an associate’s degree in marketing choose to work as direct marketers. Direct marketers target large groups of consumers when trying to sell products. Usually, these professionals will send out catalogs or make phone calls to reach potential customers.

What is the starting salary for a marketing major?

Marketing majors learn the best ways to promote, sell, and distribute products and services to end consumers. According to PayScale , the average starting salary for marketers at the bachelor’s level is under $50,000, but at the master’s level, that number exceeds $77,000.

What are the highest paying jobs in marketing?

Fashion marketing jobs are another example of the high paying marketing jobs that will be available for you to decide on when making your career choice. This marketing job will require the employee to promote the fashions that are being produced by the company for which they work.

What are entry level jobs in marketing?

Positions in entry-level marketing can range from sales people to call center representatives, administrative assistants, assistant buyers, retail specialists and anything in between. Individuals who hold careers in entry-level marketing may have varying duties depending on their role…