How much do certified pharmacy techs make in PA?

How much does a Pharmacy Technician I make in Pennsylvania? The average Pharmacy Technician I salary in Pennsylvania is $36,040 as of August 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $32,501 and $40,208.

What is the highest paying pharmacy technician job?

Below is a list of the top-10 highest-paying states for pharmacy technicians.

  • Alaska average pharmacy technician salary: $43,150.
  • California average pharmacy technician salary: $42,610.
  • Washington average pharmacy technician salary: $42,470.
  • Oregon average pharmacy technician salary: $40,920.

How much does CVS pay pharmacy technicians per hour?

Cvs Pharmacy Tech Salaries

Job Title Salary
CVS Health Cvs Pharmacy Tech salaries – 283 salaries reported $13/hr
CVS Health Cvs Pharmacy Tech salaries – 157 salaries reported $14/hr
CVS Health Cvs Pharmacy Tech salaries – 6 salaries reported $16/hr
CVS Health Cvs Pharmacy Tech salaries – 2 salaries reported $17/hr

Can you make good money as a pharmacy technician?

The average salary for a pharmacy technician ranges between $26,000 and $39,000. A lead pharmacy technician in a hospital setting can earn anywhere from $14 to $18 per hour. While these estimates are a good baseline to go off of, keep in mind that the average pay does vary depending on where you live.

How much do Rite Aid Pharmacy Techs Make?

Average hourly pay for a Rite Aid pharmacy technician is $11.88 per hour. Pay rates may vary depending on store location, duration in the position, and job experience.

Is pharmacy tech a dead end job?

Pharmacy tech is a dead end job. It is mainly for people who aren’t smart enough for college. Pharmacy techs are often glorified cashiers. There is simply no money in it.

What is the best pharmacy tech job?

Top 5 Pharmacy Technician Career Options

  1. Retail pharmacy. When you think of being a pharmacy technician, you likely think of a retail setting.
  2. Closed-door pharmacy.
  3. Compound pharmacy.
  4. Hospital pharmacy.
  5. Pharmacy benefit manager.

Does CVS pay for pharmacy technician training?

Yes, they pay for your on the job training, web-based training, and classroom training. You don’t pay for any of the materials and they do pay for your mileage as well when you drive to your classroom training. They do pay you while you are at those training as well. No experience is necessary.

Is being a pharmacy tech hard?

Pharmacy technicians work hard, but their pay reflects that. That figure varies, up and down, according to where you live and who you work for, but in general, becoming a pharmacy technician pays off in the form of good pay – and excellent promotion prospects in many cases.

Can you live off being a pharmacy tech?

Full Member. Depends on life circumstances. There are many people who made being a tech a full career. If you can live with the pittance you are paid as well as never being in control of your work environment, then sure, it’s a job for a lifetime.

Who makes more money RN or ultrasound tech?

The pay ranges for registered nurses and ultrasound technicians are similar, but nurses earn more at both the low and high ends. Registered nurses in the lowest-earning 10 percent received $45,040 annually or less, while the top 10 percent earned $94,720 per year or more.