How many Virgin Megastore are there?

Virgin Megastore is truly a global brand with local flavor. Virgin Megastore MENA is part of Azadea Group, one of the top five retail groups in the region, operating over 600 stores in 13 markets, 53 brands across Fashion, F&B and Sports.

Is Virgin Megastore in India?

Yes! Desertcart India delivers the largest selection of Virgin Megastore products to India with expedited delivery options available.

Who owns Virgin?

Virgin Group
Virgin Travel Group Limited
Virgin Atlantic/Parent organizations

How does Virgin Mobile work in UAE?

It’s simple – download the Virgin Mobile App, choose your number, select your own plan and we’ll deliver your SIM right to your door – you’ll never need to visit a mobile store again. Here’s what’s cool!

How can I become virgin again?

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Are there any Virgin stores in the Middle East?

By 2015, current operations are exclusively in the Middle East and in North Africa, consisting of approximately 40 stores.

Are there any Virgin Megastores in the UK?

As of June 2005 there were 15 Virgin Megastores in Greece, operated by Vivere Entertainment. As of 2015, no Virgin Megastores exist in the country. In 1996, local merchandising group Fotex opened the first and only Hungarian Virgin Megastore (1000 m2) in the first “western” shopping mall, Duna Plaza, in Budapest.

When did Virgin Megastores first open in Ireland?

Virgin Megastores opened its first store in the Republic of Ireland in Dublin in 1986. More stores opened in Ireland from the early 1990s including Cork City. The company had planned to launch an online store specifically for the Republic of Ireland at however plans were shelved when its Irish operations were sold in 2007.

When did the Virgin Megastore close in Germany?

In June 2013 the company was finally liquidated and ceased operations after 25 years. Virgin Megastore withdrew from the German market in 1994, amid complaints that the country’s shop-closing law was too restrictive. The Virgin name is used by the Lagardère Group to brand a small number of convenience stores within airports and railway stations.