How many tons is a Vauxhall Vivaro?

The L1 and L2 sizes are available with 2.9-tonne and 2.7-tonne gross vehicle weights.

How many miles to the gallon does a Vauxhall Vivaro van?

Vauxhall Vivaro The top-performing Vivaro engine in terms of fuel economy is the 1.5 120PS at 60.1mpg (combined figure). The 100PS version comes in at 57.6mpg, meaning it’s not far behind, while the 2.0 120PS does 52.3mpg.

Is Vauxhall Vivaro a good van?

The Vauxhall Vivaro is one of the best-selling vans in the UK and, importantly, it’s built here too. Today, it is based on the Citroën Dispatch and Peugeot Partner vans – all made by its parent company, PSA Group. All three have received an uplift in specification , making the Vivaro better value for money than ever.

How big is the back of a Vivaro van?

The size of the side load doors and rear barn doors are the same on both L1 and L2 variants. They’re 935mm wide and 1,241mm tall on the side and 1,282mm wide and 1,220mm tall at the rear.

Can a Vauxhall Vivaro carry a ton?

Payload, weight & towing For although the Vivaro is capable of carrying over 1.4 tonnes in its strongest configuration, only a few versions actually have the specification necessary to do this.

Is a Vauxhall Vivaro the same size as a transit?

H2 variations offer full standing height in both the Vauxhall and the Ford, with the Transit Custom offering the widest side door opening of any van in this class. The Vivaro tips the scales, however, when it comes to load capacity, with a maximum of 8.6 cubic metres, compared to the Transit Custom’s 8.3 cubic metres.

Which Van is best for fuel economy?

Here are the top 5!

  • Nissan NV300 DCi 125ps – 47.9mpg. The Nissan NV300 beats off competition from sister vans the Renault Trafic and Vauxhall Vivaro to place joint fifth in our table.
  • Volkswagen Transporter BlueMotion – 51.4mpg.
  • Toyota Proace Medium 115ps – 54.3mpg.

Are Renault Trafic vans reliable?

The Trafic has a really good reputation and a strong reliability record. However, there has been a report of the sliding side door of the Trafic van (that had been ply-lined by the Renault dealer) coming off its channel and ending up in the road.

Does a Vauxhall Vivaro have a Cambelt?

Vauxhall Vivaro (01-14) running costs & value The 2.0-litre CDTi is fitted with a cam chain, rather than a cambelt. It’s maintenance-free, which cuts down on the time needed to service this model. Plus every Vivaro has a stainless steel exhaust, which lasts much longer than a standard steel one.

Does a Vivaro make a good campervan?

The Vauxhall Vivaro is a great van for conversion to a campervan/motorhome and I’m always surprised that they aren’t more converted more often. The van’s themselves drive really well, almost like a car, yet with the square sides, long wheelbase and high roof options, they provide ample space for a camper interior.

Is the new Vivaro smaller than the old one?

Overall, the third-generation Vivaro is shorter and narrower than the old model and there’s slightly less width between the wheelarches, but load volumes are slightly bigger than before, thanks to a slightly higher roof and less intrusion from said wheelarches.

Is Vauxhall Vivaro same as Renault Trafic?

Vauxhall Vivaro & Renault Trafic – What’s the difference? Put simply, the older Renault Trafic is in fact the model on which the Vivaro is based, so the two were once closely linked. The Trafic has been made by the French manufacturer since 1980, and until 2018 was actually marketed as the Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro.