How many Super Bowls did the Cincinnati Bengals lose?

two Super Bowls
The Cincinnati Bengals are a professional football franchise in the National Football League. Since starting off as an expansion franchise in the American Football League in 1968, they have appeared in two Super Bowls, but lost both times to the San Francisco 49ers.

Who have the Bengals lost to in the Super Bowl?

San Francisco 49ers
The Bengals won the AFC championship in 1981 and 1988, but lost Super Bowls XVI and XXIII to the San Francisco 49ers.

What year did the Cincinnati Bengals go to the Super Bowl?

Remembering the 1988 Bengals Super Bowl Team. 30 years ago the Bengals won the AFC Championship earning a berth to Super Bowl XXIII. To this day that team remains one of the greatest Bengals teams in franchise history.

What is Bengals win loss record?

Cincinnati Bengals

Year Record Finish (Regular / Post Season)
2019 2-14-0 4th — AFC North
2018 6-10-0 4th — AFC North
2017 7-9-0 3rd — AFC North
2016 6-9-1 3rd — AFC North

How much would it cost to buy the Cincinnati Bengals?

The Cincinnati Bengals are owned by Michael Brown, who bought the franchise for 7.5 million U.S. dollars in 1967….Cincinnati Bengals franchise value from 2002 to 2021 (in million U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Franchise value in million U.S. dollars
2020 2,000
2019 2,000
2018 1,800

Do the Bengals have a Super Bowl?

Cincinnati Bengals, American professional gridiron football team that plays in the American Football Conference (AFC) of the National Football League (NFL). The Bengals are based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and have appeared in two Super Bowls (1982 and 1989).

Who won the 1991 Super Bowl?

New York Giants
Super Bowl XXV/Champion

When were the 49ers in the Super Bowl?

199549-26 – Los Angeles Chargers
199055-10 – Denver Broncos198920-16 – Cincinnati Bengals198538-16 – Miami Dolphins198226-21 – Cincinnati Bengals
San Francisco 49ers/NFL championships
San Francisco 49ers, American professional gridiron football team based in Santa Clara, California, that plays in the National Football League (NFL). The 49ers have won five Super Bowl titles (1982, 1985, 1989, 1990, and 1995) and seven National Football Conference (NFC) championships.

What is the Bengals best record ever?

The 1988 team is the best in Cincinnati Bengals history. Going back to the ’88 team, Esiason threw for 3,572 yards, 28 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions that season (the league sure has evolved, hasn’t it?) while Ickey Woods rushed for 1,066 yards and a whopping 15 touchdowns as a rookie.

Did Bengals win or lose today?

Bengals’ Joe Burrow: Tosses two TDs in triumphant return Burrow completed 20 of 27 passes for 261 yards and two touchdowns in Sunday’s 27-24 overtime win over Minnesota.

When did the Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl?

The Bengals won the AFC championship in 1981 and 1988, but lost Super Bowls XVI and XXIII to the San Francisco 49ers. After Paul Brown’s death in 1991, controlling interest in the team was inherited by his son, Mike Brown.

What is the history of the Cincinnati Bengals?

Cincinnati Bengals Franchise Encyclopedia. Seasons: 53 (1968 to 2020) Record (W-L-T): 363-452-5 Playoff Record: 5-14. Super Bowls Won: 0 (2 Appearances) Championships Won *: 0 All-time Passing Leader: Ken Anderson 2,654/4,475, 32,838 yds, 197 TD All-time Rushing Leader: Corey Dillon 1,865 att, 8,061 yds, 45 TD

When was the last time the Bengals won a playoff game?

The team’s fortunes improved in the mid-2000s, which saw them become more consistent postseason contenders, but they have continued to struggle past the regular season and have not won a playoff game since 1990, which is the longest active drought in the NFL.

Who are the opponents of the Cincinnati Bengals?

Their divisional opponents are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and the Baltimore Ravens. The Bengals were founded in 1966 as a member of the American Football League (AFL) by former Cleveland Browns head coach Paul Brown. Brown was the Bengals’ head coach from their inception to 1975.