How many seats does an MD-88 have?

Developed from the original Douglas DC-9, the 149-seat MD-88 had twice the passenger capacity of the first version, and modernized engines and avionics. The aircraft’s updated “glass cockpit” boasted digital displays powered by cathode ray tubes was advanced at the time.

What is the difference between MD-88 and MD-90?

Resembling the preliminary version of the MD-88 from March 1984, the MD-90 is a 57-inch-longer (1.4 m), updated version of the base MD-80 with similar electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) and more powerful, quieter and fuel efficient IAE V2500 engines instead of the JT8D engines, which power the MD-80 series.

Is the MD-88 still in service?

American Airlines retired its MD-80 series aircraft after making its last commercial flight on September 4, 2019. Delta Air Lines retired its MD-88 and MD-90 aircraft on June 2, 2020.

Are md80s safe?

Despite the aircraft’s relatively advanced age and two fatal crashes last year involving the MD-80 series in Thailand and Turkey, American pilot Kevin Cornwell said it is safe and dependable.

Why does Delta still fly MD-88?

Delta decided to retire its MD-88/90 fleet early due to COVID-19. Of the grounded planes, many of them were nearing the end of their working life. Delta’s 149-seat MD-88 was scheduled to retire at the end of 2020, but this was brought forward to June because of the crisis.

Is the Delta MD 88 a good plane?

I fly 26 times a year worth Delta. The flight crew have almost always been friendly. Of course you sometimes get that grumpy person but so is the way of everything in life. The MD-88 is not nearly the worst plane I’ve been on. Try a CRJ-700 or below. If you don’t want a random seat than choose your seat online.

What are the seats on a McDonnell Douglas MD-88?

26A/B along with 26 D/E have a permanent seat divider. Awful for couples. My wife and I occupied these seats and found them to be comfortable with ample leg room and the ability to recline.

Is there elbow room on Delta Flight M88?

Delta, please get rid of these asap! The ribs of the interior protrude into the shoulder space of this seat. Also, there are two international power ports on this row. Even though it is an old aircraft the interior is not. Very comfortable with ample kneeroom, seat width and elbow room.