How many methods are used to install the pile?

There are two basic driving methods for sheet pile installation, ‘pitch and drive’ and ‘panel driving’. The pitch and drive method installs the piles one by one.

What is pile installation?

Displacement piling installation refers to the method of driving piles into the ground without first removing any of the soil or other material. Replacement piling installation refers to the method of first digging out a hole, into which the pile is then manoeuvered.

What are the 3 ways of placing piles in deep foundation?


  • Bearing piles are driven into the ground until a hard stratum is reached.
  • Friction piles are used when the soil is soft and there are no hard strata available.
  • Batter piles are driven inclined to resist inclined loads.

How do you calculate pile spacing?

Cohesion Piles: Spacing S = 3.5d + 0.02L Here d is the diameter of the pile and L is its length. The standard also stipulates for pile capacity till 300 kN, the distance from the edge of the pile to the pile stem must be 100mm.

What are the different types of pile foundations?

Followings are the types of pile foundation used in construction:

  • Based on Function or Use. Sheet Piles. Load Bearing Piles. End bearing Piles. Friction Piles. Soil Compactor Piles.
  • Based on Materials and Construction Method. Timber Piles. Concrete Piles. Steel Piles. Composite Piles.

How deep do pile foundations need to be?

Mini Piles A mini pile generally has a diameter of between 100 and 600mm but can extend to depths of over 50m. They can be used in most types of soil and are often used for underpinning or strengthening existing structures.

What is the maximum pile spacing?

The end bearing piles that are used in compressible soils must be spaced at a minimum of 2.5d and a spacing of 3.5d(Maximum)for those piles placed on less compressible or stiff clay soil.

How deep should pile foundations be?

Generally a depth of 700mm is acceptable, as long as the ground has adequate bearing capacity. If the water table is high (for instance if the gravel is submerged), the bearing capacity will be halved, so it’s important to keep the foundations as high as possible.

What is a pile driving template?

The template is maintaining the pile at a plumb (vertical) angle during driving. The job included some predrilling and that helps to align the pile as well.

What is a pile foundation?

Pile foundation, a kind of deep foundation, is actually a slender column or long cylinder made of materials such as concrete or steel which are used to support the structure and transfer the load at desired depth either by end bearing or skin friction. Pile foundations are deep foundations.

What is pile driving process?

Minitar Site Investigation. One of the most important steps in the pile driving process is the site investigation. Using Displacement Piles. You can design displacement piles for installation without having to remove soil from the ground. Using Replacement Piles. Pile Driving Using Vibrations. Pile Driving Using Drop Hammer. Pile Integrity Testing.

What is micro pile foundation?

Micropiles (also referred to as Mini-Piles) are deep foundation systems, small diameter grouted piles typically consisting of a central steel reinforcement member. They commonly include steel casing. They can be designed to carry very high capacity loads.

What is a pin pile foundation?

Pin Piles. What is a pin pile? A pin pile is a small diameter pipe, ranging from 2 to 6 inches, typically galvanized , that is driven into the ground to the point of refusal using a pneumatic pile driver. These piles are a more inexpensive approach to addressing or preventing any foundation settlement issues on both new and existing structures.