How many links does a Maester chain have?

, serial TV viewer. There are usually 16 different links on a maester’s chain. Each of these links is usually a metal which correlates to a particular field of study or examination.

How do Maesters get their chains?

The links of the chain can be made of every metal known to man. By earning their links, students “forge” their chain. Note, “forge” is metaphorical; though they do study metals at the Citadel, maesters do not necessarily train as blacksmiths.

What is an Archmaster?

Archmaster Siniel is a powerful Altmer necromancer found in the Crypt of Hearts I. During the fight he will summon hordes of zombies, temporarily becoming invulnerable until each wave is defeated.

Where do Maesters train?

Maesters train at the Citadel of Oldtown, one of the oldest in Westeros, founded before mankind got more creative naming things. Beautiful and prestigious, Oldtown is Westeros’s largest city (in size), with cobbled streets and stone structures.

Why do grandmasters wear chains?

Maesters wear a chain around their necks composed of various metals to signify their personal expertise. There are sixteen recognized fields each with a different representative metal. Maesters are expected to wear their chains at all times, even when sleeping.

What is Tyrion’s chain for?

Tyrion raised the chain behind Stannis’s ships to prevent their escape and then detonated barrels of wildfire located under the river mouth, causing a conflagration that consumed most of Stannis’s fleet (as well as the royal fleet).

Are Maesters celibate?

The maesters, like the brothers of the Night’s Watch, make vows of celibacy and to live a life of service, and are considered servants of Westeros and its people. In practice, some maesters hold over old allegiances and loyalties.

Why do Maesters wear chains?

Does Samwell Tarly become a Maester?

Samwell, born Samwell Tarly, and often called Sam, is Jon Snow’s closest friend, the eldest son of Lord Randyll Tarly and Lady Melessa Tarly of Horn Hill, and the older brother of Dickon and Talla Tarly. Eventually he becomes the new Grand Maester.

Why did Maesters wear chains?

Maesters wear a chain around their necks composed of various metals to signify their personal expertise. Maesters personally forge each link themselves.

Who is Cersei’s Maester?


Qyburn by Morgan King
Alias(es) The Bloody Maester Lord Qyburn
Title(s) Maester (formerly) Master of whisperers
Allegiance The Citadel (formerly) Brave Companions (formerly) House Lannister
Predecessor Varys

Why was a boom needed to preserve the French ships?

This allowed safe raising or lowering of the chain, as they were often heavily fortified. This involved shore-based chain towers, batteries, or forts. In the Age of Sail, a boom protecting a harbour could have several ships defending it with their broadsides, discouraging assaults on the boom.