How many CBSE schools are there in Abu Dhabi?

79 UAE Schools offering CBSE

School name Community City
Abu Dhabi Indian School Shabia Muroor Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Indian School (branch 1) Al Wathba Al Wathba Abu Dhabi
Al Ain Juniors School Falaj Hazzaa Al Ain
Al Ameer English School Jurf Ajman

What is the benefit of CCA?

CCAs allow students to explore their strengths and talents outside of the academic arena. It helps students develop useful life-skills such as time-management or organisation capabilities. It provides opportunities to build long-lasting friendships and groom social skills.

What can students learn from CCA?

Through CCA, students can discover their interests and talents, develop their character, learn how to appreciate values, and pick up important soft skills such as leadership to prepare them for future challenges in life.

What is CCA in primary school?

CCAs are non-academic activities which students take outside of their official school hours. These activities are crucial as they offer supplementary opportunities for your child to explore their interests or develop them into hobbies like art or dance.

How much are school fees in Abu Dhabi?

School fees in Abu Dhabi range from AED 2200 to AED 96,333 (USD 600 to 26,300) per annum. This excludes additional fees for admission, transportation, school uniforms, and books. Several factors including location, curriculum (UK, US, CBSE, IB, etc), academic track record and facilities affect the range in school fees.

Which board is best in Dubai?

Let us have a look at some of the best Indian schools in Dubai.

  • The Indian High School.
  • Delhi Private School.
  • GEMS Modern Academy.
  • Indian High School.
  • Our Own English High School.
  • The Millennium School.
  • Ambassador School.
  • Rajagiri International School.

Why is CCA a waste of time?

“CCA is a waste of time. You’re better off channelling your time and energy into things that matter; i.e. tests and exams.” CCA plays a huge part in enriching the students’ lives outside classroom. Skills and values, which cannot be directly taught from textbooks per se, can be complemented via lived experiences.

How many days straight can a CCA work?

CCA’s can work up to 11.5 Hours (12 including lunch) in a Day and 80.5 Hours in a Week, up to Seven (7) Days a week. If you are working over Fourteen (14) Days in a row, contact your Union Steward and tell him/her to inform the NBA about it and you might be able to get a day off.

Is it compulsory to have CCA in JC?

Is participation in CCA compulsory? For both junior college and polytechnic schools, CCA participation is not compulsory but they do encourage students to take part in one. Schools also recognize it as a great way for students to uncover talents they didn’t know they have, especially for their chosen niche.

Is CCA mandatory in JC?

Curriculum. It is compulsory for all students to join a CCA, even if a student has joined or intend to join an external CCA. CCA is an important avenue for student to interact with students from other classes and level, beyond their classroom interaction.

How many CCA do you need for primary school?

In most primary schools, students start participating in CCA from Primary 3. Not all schools make it compulsory, but students are always strongly encouraged to participate in a CCA. CCA participation in secondary schools starts from Secondary 1. It is compulsory for students to take on at least one CCA.

How do I change my CCA in primary school?

Select a CCA in primary school that aligns with your child’s interests. Obviously, the easiest way to manage this is to encourage your child to go for a CCA that he/she likes. After all, your child will spend a good bit of his/her time outside of studies on CCA, and we want it to be enjoyable for him/her.