How many BCIT campuses are there?

BCIT operates across five main campuses in and around Vancouver. Select a campus for more information about campus facilities and parking.

Is BCIT a college or university?

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) BCIT sits somewhere in between a college and a university, with a specific focus on training students in a whole range of fields, from forensics to communications, energy technology and trades.

Is BCIT a government college?

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (also referred to as BCIT), is a public polytechnic institute in Burnaby, British Columbia. When BCIT opened its Burnaby campus in 1964, initial enrollment was 498 students. As of 2017, enrollment has grown to 18,755 full-time students and 30,593 part-time students.

What is BCIT acceptance rate?

The admission rate at the British Columbia Institute of Technology is estimated to be 85%. This implies that admissions are barely selective, and most applicants will be able to secure admission to the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Does BCIT accept international students?

BCIT offers a wide variety of programs for international students, leading to certificates, diplomas, degrees and master’s degrees. International students with a valid status in Canada are able to enrol in select Part-Time Studies programs.

Does BCIT have dorms?

Living at BCIT Student Housing is more than just a place to live during the academic year. It is a way of life and a home away from home. BCIT Student Housing is located on the Burnaby Campus, adjacent to the sports field and campus recreation facilities.

Is BCIT good for international students?

International students at BCIT When you study at BCIT, you’ll join more than 6,500 students from more than 116 countries around the world. You’ll receive an excellent, internationally-recognized education to help you succeed in the real world.

Is Douglas better than Langara?

Langara can be expensive compared to Douglas college but the difference between the level of educational facilities are negligible. Location can be a deciding factor for you as langara is situated in Vancouver as opposed to Douglas college which has campus in new Westminster and Coquitlam.

What is a passing grade in BCIT?

50% 1.00. C- (Pass)

Is BCIT nursing hard to get into?

BCIT does not guarantee admission to applicants who meet the minimum requirements. Obtaining a seat in the Nursing program is competitive. The Nursing program does not maintain a waitlist into future intakes.