How many American Girl dolls stores are there?

18 American Girl stores
Today, there are currently 18 American Girl stores in the US, as well as two in Canada and two in the United Arab Emirates. Chicago and New York City are home to American Girl Place flagship locations.

What is the biggest American Girl doll store?

American Girl Place
American Girl Place in Chicago, Illinois, is the first store to focus specifically on these popular American creations. Within 52,000 square feet, not only does it offer a wide selection of American Girl dolls and accessories, but children can have tea with their dolls and have their pictures taken with them.

Is there an American Girl doll store in Kentucky?

LEXINGTON, Ky. The shops will feature an exclusive selection of American Girl dolls, outfits, and accessories, plus the brand’s newest content line, WellieWishers™, designed for girls ages 5 to 7 years. …

Which American Girl doll is the rarest?

The rarest American Girl Doll isn’t one of the retired historical figures, but an original Girl of Today/ Truly Me doll. Number 6 was one of the first dolls released in the collection, which was called, “Girl of Today” at the time.

Why is American Girl so expensive?

There are several reasons that factor into the higher cost of an American Girl doll. The main reasons American Girl dolls are so expensive are 1) the actual quality of the dolls themselves; 2) their status as a highly customizable specialty item; and finally, 3) the vast variety of must-have accessories available.

What is the most famous American Girl doll?

Kit Kittredge: $230 Perhaps the most famous American Girl doll of them all, Kit Kittredge, born in 1934, led a hardscrabble life during the Great Depression. She was a tomboy who adored Amelia Earhart and aspired to become a journalist.

Why is American Girl closing?

“While decisions that impact our associates, our customers, and the community are always difficult, the closure is a necessary step to optimize our store portfolio and accelerate our expanding e-commerce business.”

Why American Girl dolls are so expensive?

Which American Girl doll is the most popular?

Yep, That’s Right, We Ranked Our Fave American Girl Dolls

  • Maryellen.
  • Kirsten.
  • Samantha.
  • Caroline.
  • Rebecca.
  • Nanea.
  • Marie-Grace & Cécile.
  • Felicity.

Who is the rarest American Girl doll?

Is our generation cheaper than American Girl?

Our Generation Dolls are much more affordable American Girl Dolls (near) dupe that have cheaper accessories and similar backstories while still being almost exactly the same size. Here are a few ways to save money on Our Generation Dolls and accessories, including how to buy the cutest outfits for less than $2.50 each!

What is the best age for an American Girl doll?

The standard American Girl dolls are recommended for ages 8 and up. Wellie Wishers, named for their colorful boots, are for the younger set, between ages 5-7. They are much smaller and have a plastic body and the eyes do not open and close.