How long does it take for agapanthus seeds to germinate?

Place the tray in a warm area where the seeds will be exposed to sunlight for at least six hours per day. Water lightly whenever the surface of the potting mix is dry. Be careful not to overwater. Move the trays to a cool, bright area after the seeds germinate, which usually takes about a month.

When should I sow Agapanthus seeds?

Thin seedlings to further trays or pots when large enough to handle. Gradually harden off, April to early May, before planting in flowering position from late May to early June, spacing 60cm (2′) apart. Or, sow outdoors, June to July, in a seed bed. Transplant to flowering position in September.

What month do you plant agapanthus?

How to grow agapanthus

  1. Showy flowers in shades of blue, purple and sometimes white.
  2. Agapanthus flower for a long period, mid-summer to early autumn.
  3. A good border plant.
  4. Suitable for containers.
  5. Thrives in sun.
  6. Plant in spring, from the end of March into April.
  7. Some agapanthus are evergreen.

Do agapanthus come back every year?

How Often Does Agapanthus Bloom? With proper care, agapanthus flowering occurs repeatedly for several weeks throughout the season, then this perennial powerhouse returns to put on another show the next year.

Do agapanthus seeds come true?

Agapanthus can be propagated by seed but will not necessarily come true to type. If seed are required, collect the seed pods as they turn brown in autumn and allow them to split apart indoors, store these in a cool, dry place and sow in the spring. The seed heads can also be dried and used for winter decoration.

Do Agapanthus seeds come true?

How do you keep agapanthus blooming?

Try feeding the plant twice monthly during springtime, using a water-soluble fertilizer for blooming plants, and then cut back to once monthly when the plant begins to bloom. Stop fertilizing when the plant stops blooming, usually in early autumn.

Why did my agapanthus not flower this year?

The main reasons agapanthus don’t flower is because of not enough sunlight, too much fertilizer, the flower buds are damaged in frost, boggy soil or due to stress after planting, re-potting or dividing. Agapanthus flowers in well draining soil, with protection from frost and often flowers better a year after planting.

How do you force agapanthus to bloom?

There are fertilizer mixes specially designed for Agapanthus plants. During the spring months, a twice-monthly application of fertilizer is enough. Once it begins to bloom, reduce the feeding to one time a month. Then, when it stops blooming, stop fertilizing altogether so the plant can rest.