How long does a Capitate fracture take to heal?

Nondisplaced triquetral body fractures and dorsal chip fractures require an average of 4 to 6 weeks to heal when immobilized appropriately. Displaced fractures of the triquetrum and avulsion fractures typically require surgical intervention and a longer time for healing.

Which carpal bone is lateral to Capitate?

Carpal bones

Scaphoid Superficially – anatomical snuff box; Proximally – radius; Distolaterally – trapezium;’ Distomedially – trapezoid; Superomedially – lunate; Inferomedially – capitate
Lunate Laterally – scaphoid, Medially – triquetrum, Inferiorly – capitate

What is the most serious carpal fracture?

Scaphoid fractures are by far the most common of the carpal fractures, and account for 10 percent of all hand fractures and about 55 percent of all carpal fractures [1,4-8]. The triquetrum is the second most common carpal fracture, comprising about 21 percent.

How are carpal fractures treated?

Management: non-displaced fractures are treated conservatively by cast immobilisation for six weeks. Displaced fractures usually require open reduction and internal fixation. Displaced fractures of the hook of the hamate are managed by early excision.

Which two carpal bones are the most lateral bones of the wrist?

Scaphoid — The scaphoid bone is the largest and most lateral (thumb side) of the carpal bones in the proximal row. It articulates with the radius proximally and the trapezium and trapezoid bones in the distal row of carpal bones.

Which is the most commonly dislocated carpal bone?

Two of the carpal bones are commonly dislocated:

  • The capitate (which is the largest bone in the hand, located in the middle of the lower palm)
  • The lunate (which is located between the capitate and the end of the ulna)

How many carpal fractures are caused by capitate fractures?

Capitate fractures are an uncommon carpal fracture. They rarely occur in isolation and are often associated with greater arc injuries. Capitate fractures account for 1-2% of all carpal fractures 1,2.

Which is the best view for a capitate fracture?

Posteroanterior radial and ulnar deviation views may help to make nondisplaced capitate waist fractures visible on plain radiographs.

How to determine the spatial relationship of carpal bones?

As scaphoid fills this space it will foreshorten and tilt towards the palm. This will give scaphoid a signet ring appearance (figure). Drawing the longitudinal axes of some of the carpal bones on a lateral radiograph and measuring the angles between them is a good method of determining the wrist bones? spatial relationship.

Where does the lunate go in a carpal fracture?

As the remainder of the carpus (and hand) dislocates dorsally, the lunate remains in the lunate fossa of the radius, making this a perilunate dislocation. Note that the dislocation does not always have to be apparent upon presentation for the actual ligamentous injuries to have occurred.