How install Google Play services on Nokia X2?

Nokia X 2 Tools Program allows Nokia X 2 owners to install Google Play Store + Google services and also to gain Root access. The process is very simple, you just need to connect the smartphone to PC and to run the .exe file. Then press 1 to install the drivers, and after that press 2 to get Google Play.

Where are my Play Store downloads?

Open the Play Store app

  • On your device, go to the Apps section.
  • Tap Google Play Store .
  • The app will open and you can search and browse for content to download.

How can I update my Nokia X2?

Nokia X2 Dual SIM device owners can check for updates by going to Settings > About Phone > System Updates and tapping Check Now.

Does Nokia phones have Google Play store?

While Google started rolling out this update few days ago to Android smartphones the roll-out has been phased. So, now we can see Nokia smartphones receiving this update in India. The UI changes see the new Google Play store app ditch the hamburger menu. All the options are now under the profile icon on the top right.

How can I download Nokia software update?

You just have to connect your Nokia mobile phone to the PC with the original USB cable provided, and execute the program. Automatically, Nokia Software Updater detects your concrete phone model, downloads the corresponding update and installs it. It is that simple.

How can I install Play Store in my mobile if deleted?

To download Google Play Store, go for a reliable source like After it is successfully installed, the Google Play Store will be back on your Android phone. You can also use this file to update the Play Store.

Can you install Google Play Store on Nokia X2?

But now it seems using “Nokia X2 Tools” developed by “” Nokia X2 users not only can install Google Play Store & Google services but also root the device. Read below to know more about Nokia X2 Tools. Good news is that it has a version for English speaking users too.

Is there a Play Store for Nokia X?

The highlight of the Nokia X is the highly customised version of Android, with Metro-inspired UI and access to Nokia’s own app store. While there’s no access to Google’s Play Store, Nokia is offering side-loading of Android apps from any third-party source: 1mobile market, SlideME market, Aptoide, and Yandex Store.

How to get Google services on Nokia X?

-Download the Google services APKs from here on your Nokia X or a Windows PC and copy the APKs to the phone using a USB cable. To start, go to this link install the Google services APKs to your phone or Windows PC. Transfer all the Google APKs to Nokia X using a USB cable.

Which is the operating system for Nokia X?

Nokia has used the AOSP version corresponding to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as the baseline for its operating system. The highlight of the Nokia X is the highly customised version of Android, with Metro-inspired UI and access to Nokia’s own app store.