How good is the new Browning A5?

The A5 is Browning’s inertia gun. It shares the squared-off receiver of the original Auto 5 and a couple of its features (“speed loading” and a magazine cutoff), but in all other ways it’s a different gun. All in all, it’s a highly practical, reliable duck gun.

Is the Browning A5 a good turkey gun?

Like the Remington 870, the Browning A5 is a legendary piece of the turkey hunting history, and even though it was never specifically designed to be a turkey gun (like many of the other weapons on this list were), it’s certainly proven itself as a eradicator of gobblers over its century-long history.

What is the best browning over under?

The Browning over/under Citori 725, Citori and Cynergy are among the world’s most respected shotguns both on the range and in the field.

Where are the new Browning A5 made?

Viana, Portugal
As of 1983 it was well established as the second-best-selling auto-loading shotgun in U.S. history, after the Remington 1100. In 2014, Browning Arms released the A5, a recoil-operated shotgun with external resemblance to the Auto 5; it is manufactured in Viana, Portugal.

What gun do you use for turkey?

Remington 870 Express Turkey With well over 11,000,000 in existence, the 870 has killed more of almost anything than any other shotgun, but “turkeys” could certainly fill the blank above. Its ubiquity aside, the 870 is slick and reliable, and comes in both 3- and 3½-inch 12-gauge versions perfect for turkey hunting.

What is the best turkey load?

Tungsten loads are by far a better choice than lead for turkey hunters, including those who balk at the substantial recoil of a 12-gauge 3 ½-inch magnum load pushing 2 ounces of lead pellets. Those giant, shoulder-punishing 3 ½–inch shells simply aren’t necessary.

Is the new Browning A5 gas-operated?

The new A5 has an action that is much different than this one. In the 1990s Browning switched its focus from a recoil-operated system to a gas-operated system. It’s cleaner because in a recoil gun all of the gas is shot out of the barrel. A gas gun on the other hand, harnesses the expanding gases to work its action.

What kind of recoil does a Browning Maxus have?

The lower-­priced Silver model was retained, and the gas-­operated Maxus runs in harness with the inertia recoil-­operated A5 at the top of the Browning range. All three are made in several configurations, giving Browning a very comprehensive line of hunting and competition autoloaders.

Is the Browning 60 second autoloading shotgun too heavy?

The triggers are too heavy, as always, but these Brownings have historically been the softest shooting shotguns on the market in their respective weight classes. CZ 912 / 712 CZ-USA is a very good distributor with several good to excellent product offerings.

What kind of rifle is Browning a bolt?

The classic Browning A-Bolt (often referred to as the A-Bolt II) delivers dependable, pinpoint accuracy that exceeds the stringent standards of the modern rifleman. The renowned A-Bolt has been produced in popular chamberings, materials, and finishes to satisfy your needs in any hunting or shooting situation. A very sophisticated bolt action.

Which is better browning silver or Winchester Maxus?

The mis-marked, poorly performing Invector Double Seal chokes (in 12 gauge) doesn’t help the situation. The Silver and Maxus models are far more refined, all-around better shotguns and cost less. BROWNING SILVER / WINCHESTER SX3 / MAXUS