How does a butane Coke rocket work?

By injecting butane into a partially filled bottle of cola, the guys create a reaction which is MUCH more powerful than filling the bottle with pressurized air. When the butane enters the bottle it floats on top of the coke. Since it’s boiling point is much warmer than water, it slowly simmers off the top.

Can butane be used as rocket fuel?

Butane has a boiling point of 30°F (-1°C). So, as a liquid, it’s pretty cold—oh, propane too (boiling point of -43.6°F). This cold liquid will easily boil and turn into a gas—but when you pour it on top of the soda, it’s sort of insulated. That’s your butane-soda rocket.

What happens when you mix Coke and butane?

Liquid butane is not soluble, meaning it doesn’t dissolve. It will sit on the top layer of the Coca-Cola. Once mixed, the soda causes the butane to try and escape the bottle rapidly — creating a propulsion effect. The butane doesn’t mix with the soda, so it literally turns to gas and evaporates.

Is more water better for a bottle rocket?

The mass fraction of the rocket (mass of propellant/ total mass) will be close to 1, and the rocket will be very efficient. The more water you add, the more propellant you will have, and the higher the rocket will fly.

What size bottle is best for a bottle rocket?

The very best bottle to use is a 2-liter plastic pop bottle that previously held fizzy pop. This type of bottle is very good at holding the pressure that your rocket will need.

What is the best fin shape for a bottle rocket?

elliptical fin shape
Theoretically, the best fin shape for a rocket is an “elliptical fin shape.”

What is the cleanest rocket fuel?

Hydrogen. Many early rocket theorists believed that hydrogen would be a marvelous propellant, since it gives the highest specific impulse. It is also considered the cleanest when oxidized with oxygen because the only by-product is water.

How do you make Coke and butane?

Fill the chamber with as much gas as you want. We say: the more butane the better. Then go outside and let it rip. Turn the bottle upside down, watch the highly flammable gas mix with the carbon dioxide in your Coke, and boom there goes your rocket flying into space.

What liquid reacts with Coke?

A Diet Coke and Mentos Eruption (also known as a soda geyser) is a reaction between the carbonated beverage Diet Coke and Mentos mints that causes the beverage to be expelled from its container.

Will a bottle rocket fly without water?

Even with no weight of water inside the bottle, the bottle rocket will still fly upwards. Thsi is because the air in the bottle has a mass so when it is pushed downwards there is still an equal and opposite reaction pushing back up. The air being pushed downwards also produces an upward force on the rocket.

Can you make a rocket out of a coke bottle?

Open the bottle and pour some of the coke out until the sugary rocket fuel reaches the top of the label. Next, fill the empty chamber of your bottle with butane. You can use a lighter refill (like the type meant for a Zippo) or a larger butane can (the kind usually associated with blowing up houses while trying to make weed concentrates).

When did they add butane to Diet Coke?

Forget Diet Coke and Mentos, that’s kid’s stuff from 2002. Coke and butane is the new hotness. These gentlemen take a regular Coca-Cola plastic bottle, extract some of the soda and then fill the remaining free area of the bottle with butane.

How does the ” kreosan ” Coca Cola rocket work?

I think the second step was just to show that you don’t get very much gas out of a little butane canister, and all you really need is the propane from the last step. Final step: invert the bottle, and some reaction pushes Coca-Cola out the mouth of the bottle with enough force that the whole bottle flies quickly as a rocket.

What happens when you add butane to a coke bottle?

When you add a bunch of butane to the coke bottle, it probably starts to form a liquid on top of the coke (it won’t mix), which causes water ice to form, which acts as an insulator. Now, you flip the bottle.