How do you win an inferno?

In order to win an Inferno Match, you have to do moves until the temperature of the fire is at 500 degrees, then grapple with your opponent and drag him to the fire. He will then be thrown over the ropes and set ablaze.

How do you beat Kane in Inferno match?


  1. Ok….here’s the easiest way.
  2. You have to ware him down and either throw him out or put him in submission.
  3. When fire reachs 500 farenhight hold L2 button to drag Kane into flame.

How do you win an inferno match in WWE 12?

The best way to win an inferno match is to beat down your opponent until he is beaten enough. If you want him to feel pain before burning, hit him with a few signatures and finishers, until he can’t move.

How do you win a table match in WWE 2010?


  1. You need to have your finisher ready (this is how I did it.) You go, hold R+D-Pad Up+Circle, to Ultimate Control Grapple them.
  2. You need to Irish Whip your opponent to the table then you can do the table finisher when you go next to them. User Info: angeal699.

What is a fire fly Inferno match?

WWE TLC 2020 was main evented by the Firefly Inferno match, a pre-taped match that pitted Orton against “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in a match where the winner was determined by lighting “any part of their opponents body on fire.”

What is Inferno match in WWE?

An Inferno Match is probably the only kind of WWE gimmick match that requires the Superstars to have a defensive approach for most parts of the contest, rather than an attacking one. Since then, only four other matches of this gimmick have happened, the most recent one being the Randy Orton vs. The Fiend at TLC 2020.

How many inferno matches were there?

The Inferno match is a type of professional wrestling match, occasionally seen in World Wrestling Entertainment. There have been only four instances of this kind of match since its introduction in 1998.

What is Inferno Match WWE?

How do you win an inferno match on Xbox 360?

Question for WWE 12 Guest answered: In an inferno match, bring up the degrees to 500, pick up your opponent off the ground, press both LT and RT at the same time until it shows you to drag him while he’s on his feet and just drag him towards the flames and it will throw him out the ring on fire.

How do you win a tables match?

In a tables match, the only way to win is to put your opponent through a table. In a ladder match, the only way to win is to climb the ladder and retrieve the item above the ring. In a chairs match, chairs can be used as legal weapons, but the only way to win is by pinfall or submission in the ring.

How do Inferno matches work?

There have been only four instances of this kind of match since its introduction in 1998. The objective of the match is to set the opponent on fire in any way. To accomplish this, the ring is surrounded by fire, carefully controlled by pyrotechnicians. There is no referee in the ring during the match.

Is Inferno Match real fire?