How do you use extra costumes in Tekken 5?

you change costumes by highlighting the person and then press triangle.

How do you unlock costumes in Tekken 5?

Press the L1 button as you select Ling to unlock a secret costume for her.

How do you dress like Jin Kazama?

He wears a white and blue nylon hooded jacket and dark blue pants with golden flame designs with a black tank top for an undershirt and red and white sneakers. He retains his gauntlets from his Player 1 outfit. Jin can be customized to wear this outfit in the console version of Tekken 7.

Why does Yoshimitsu change appearance?

Yoshimitsu is the only character who’s appearance drastically changes in every Tekken game, taking advantage of the fact that he always conceals his identity on account of being a ninja.

How do you get Eddy in Tekken 5?

If you want to unlock and play as Eddy Gordo in Tekken 5 you must go to “Customize Character”. One you’re on the character select screen you need to pick Christie. When you’re in Christie’s customization screen make sure you have enough money to buy the “alternate Outfit” which is Eddy.

How do you get money in Tekken 5?

The money earned per fight in arcade mode ranges from 800G to about 4000G. In arcade mode, you will also encounter random roulettes which will multiply your winnings. You can also collect money while playing ‘Devil Within’ and are rewarded an extra 100,000G upon completing the quest.

Did hwoarang lose an eye?

Hwoarang is at his wits end. Hwoarang appears in the Tekken 7, being one of the eighteen characters initially available in the game. In both of his and Devil Jin’s endings reveals that Hwoarang lost his right eye after saving Jin from a grenade thrown by some of the UN soldiers who are pursuing Jin.

What race is Yoshimitsu?

Occupation Ninja Pensions administrator (Tekken)
Fighting style Manji-style ninjutsu and kenjutsu
Origin Manji Clan, Sengoku Japan (Soulcalibur) Manji Clan, Heisei Japan (Tekken)
Nationality Japanese

How do you use Eddy in Tekken 5?