How do you reference Brunel?

Brunel’s search tool, Summon, will convert your search results to a referencing style of your choice:

  1. Conduct your search.
  2. Select the items you wish to reference by selecting the ‘Save this item’ icon (top right of result)
  3. Go to ‘Saved items’ (bottom of screen)

How do you reference government legislation?

Place of publication: Publisher.

  1. Example:
  2. Example:
  3. If you are referencing an Act you found online, this should be indicated in the reference. Title of the Act and year. ( chapter number of the Act; abbreviated to ‘c’). [ Online]. Place of publication: Publisher. [ Date accessed]. Available from: URL. Example:

How do you cite an Act of Parliament in APA?

The basics of a reference list entry for an Act:

  1. Short Title of Act (in italics).
  2. Year (in italics).
  3. Jurisdiction abbreviation (in round brackets).
  4. Section number and subdivision if applicable.
  5. Country abbreviation (in round brackets).
  6. The first line of each citation is left adjusted.

How do you cite a case study?

Author Last Name, Author First Name. Title of Case Study. Edition (if applicable), volume number (if applicable), Publisher, year of publication, URL without http:// or https:// (if applicable). Case study.

How do you reference a website in Harvard referencing?

To reference a website in Harvard style, include the name of the author or organization, the year of publication, the title of the page, the URL, and the date on which you accessed the website. Author surname, initial. (Year) Page Title. Available at: URL (Accessed: Day Month Year).

How do you Harvard reference a guide?

Harvard style referencing is an author/date method. Sources are cited within the body of your assignment by giving the name of the author(s) followed by the date of publication. All other details about the publication are given in the list of references or bibliography at the end.

How do you reference legislation aglc4?

Cite the short title of the Act and the year in which the Act was originally passed in italics. Citations of an Act refer to that Act as amended (and consolidated). Do not italicise the title and year of a bill.

How do you reference the Care Act?

Your reference list entry would be: Health and Social Care Act 2012, c. 7. Available at: (Accessed: 17 September 2018).

How do you in-text cite a court case in APA?

To cite a court case or decision, list the name of the case, the volume and abbreviated name of the reporter, the page number, the name of the court, the year, and optionally the URL. The case name is italicized in the in-text citation, but not in the reference list.

Do you need to reference acts in APA?

Acts should not be included in APA reference lists at all. However, on the first mention of the act a full citation is given in the text of your assignment.

How do you reference a case?

Citations WITH neutral citation

  1. The components of a typical case citation including a neutral citation are:
  2. case name | [year] | court | number, | [year] OR (year) | volume | report abbreviation | first page.
  3. Neutral citations can be found by checking the case on one of the big commercial databases, or on BAILII.