How do you make a bubble valance?

How to Make a Puffy Blouson Valance

  1. Multiply the width of the area the valance is to cover by 3 for the cut fabric width.
  2. Calculate the cut fabric length.
  3. Turn each length edge over 1/2 inch twice and sew close to the first fold.
  4. Turn the valance right side out.
  5. Lay the tube of fabric on the table.

Are valances out of style 2021?

If when you think of valances, you imagine droopy valances without form made of some cheap polyester jacquard, then they definitely are dated and most definitely out of style. Just like any product, valances are still used quite frequently by professional interior designers, even in the most modern of homes.

How do you make balloon style curtains?

How To Make Balloon Shades

  1. Step 1: Measure Your Window.
  2. Step 2: Mark The Panels.
  3. Step 3: Add The Rings.
  4. Step 4: Thread Your Cord.
  5. Step 5: Insert The Curtain Rod.
  6. Step 6: Style Your Shades.
  7. Tips When Hanging The Balloon Shades.

How deep should valances be?

Another rule of thumb used by decorators is that the window valance depth should be 1/4 of the overall window height, plus 1 inch. A 60-inch tall window, then, would call for a 16-inch deep valance, while a 48-inch window calls for a valance about 13 inches deep.

How are balloon valances measured?

Measure Length Measure from the top of the curtain rod down to where you want the curtain to fall. The length of the curtain includes the rod pocket, but not the heading.

What can I use instead of a valance?

Tablecloth Linens. A crafty homeowner can whip up a window treatment with any textile—even table linens! Debbie from Debbie Doo’s took pretty cloth napkins and hung them from a rod using curtain clips. The result is an easy and cheerful alternative to a traditional valance.

Are shutters Still in Style 2020?

While for bold colors people turn towards drapery, for minimalistic and quaint style blinds, shades and shutters are always recommended. They only provide added control when it comes to lighting but also added protection for windows. That’s where exterior shutters come into the picture.

How do you clean balloon curtains?

Remove the shade from its window; open it and lay out on a clean, flat surface. Gently vacuum first on one side and then the other, side by side, following the pleat. To clean fingerprints or soiled spots, use an aerosol spray foam upholstery or fabric cleaner such as Woolite® or ScotchGard®.

Where should valance rods be placed?

Bottom Line

  1. A valance should traditionally cover the top 2–6 inches (5.1–15.2 cm) of your window frame with the rest of the fabric covering the wall above.
  2. If there isn’t a huge gap between the top of the window and the ceiling, hang the valance 1–2 inches (2.5–5.1 cm) from the top of the ceiling.

How much wider than the window should a valance be?

Most valances should only be 1-1/2 to 5 inches wider than the window if the valance hangs by itself or over a Roman shade. It should be 10 to 30 inches wider than the window if it’s hung over a pair of custom drapes. If the valance is gathered, its total, flat width should be 2 to 3.5 times the width of the window.

How do you make a valance for a balloon?

Locate the center of each pleat by checking on the front of the valance. Starting an inch from the bottom, measure 5 or 6 inches up — this spot is where you shirr. Gather 5 or 6 inches of fabric into the safety pin, pushing the pin in and out through the fabric. If you like the effect, shirr through the outside side hems, as well.

What’s the correct way to sew a valance?

Sew a straight stitch 0.25 inches (0.64 cm) from the inner edge on all 4 sides. Use your sewing machine to sew a straight stitch all along the edge of the inner fold on all 4 sides of the fabric. Sew about 0.25 inches (0.64 cm) from the fold all the way around to secure the folds.

How big does A blouson valance have to be?

For the valance body and blouson, add 12 inches for the body and 6 inches for the blouson effect. Double this measurement and add 1 inch for the fabric cut length. For example, for a window 40 inches wide and a finished valance 16 inches long, the cut fabric width is 120 inches, and the cut fabric length is 51 inches.

What kind of fabric to use for balloon valances?

Balloon valances also employ a fabric lining. When deciding on a fabric for the lining, consider a contrasting decorator fabric in a weight similar to the “front” fabric. You can pick up the small part of the lining that peeks out into your room in your room design, and this treatment looks equally lovely from the outside of the house.