How do you keep gardenias alive indoors?

Growing Gardenias Indoors

  1. Light. Gardenias need at least four hours of sunlight daily (most blooming plants have basically this requirement, although there are exceptions).
  2. Water. Gardenias don’t like to dry out, so keep their soil moist but not soggy.
  3. Humidity.
  4. Temperatures.
  5. Fertilizer.
  6. Repotting.
  7. Bud Drop.

Are gardenias hard to grow indoors?

They are notoriously difficult to grow indoors but with a little care, you can be successful. There are potting soils that are specifically formulated for acid-loving plants like gardenias. Make sure you use one when potting or repotting your tree.

Are gardenias indoor or outdoor?

Gardenias are cold-sensitive and may die during severe winters, therefore, gardenias are typically grown outdoors where the winter weather is reasonably tolerable, or grown in pots and moved indoors for winter. Fall or spring is the most suitable time for planting the gardenia bush.

What is the best location for gardenias?

Gardenias flower best when they get almost a full day’s sun. They flower poorly in filtered or half day sun. Morning sun is not enough. Planted in the ground on the west facing side of the house is a good location and should give you many blooms.

Do gardenias like sun or shade?

Gardenias usually perform best in full sun but may appreciate shade during the hottest part of the day in the warmest parts of their hardiness range. They seem to grow best in humid areas and don’t tolerate drought or arid conditions well.

Is vinegar good for gardenias?

Coffee grounds are also very acidic in nature. Of course, watering the soil around plants with a white vinegar and water solution (1 tablespoon of white vinegar to 1 gallon of water) can also increase soil acidity.

Does gardenia need lots of water?

Gardenias need at least an inch of water a week, whether from rainfall or a hose. Apply mulch to a depth of two to four inches to help keep moisture in the soil and control water-hogging weeds. Don’t let the plants become completely dry before you water, and water regularly.

How often do you water a gardenia plant?

Can gardenias grow indoors?

Growing indoors, gardenias do best in a west-facing window. Provide a bright spot, out of direct sunlight. The delicate flowers and leaves of the gardenia plant can burn in direct sunlight, even when the soil is moist.

Can you grow Gardenia indoor?

Indoor Gardenia Care. The gardenia plant can also be successfully grown in containers and treated like houseplants indoors. However, when growing a gardenia bush indoors, you must keep in mind that it requires bright light and high humidity.

Can you keep gardenias inside?

If your climate has prolonged freezing weather, protect your gardenia by taking it indoors for winter. Inside, you can give the gardenia the care it needs to stay healthy. Place the potted gardenia in front of a south-facing window that receives direct sunlight for at least one-half of the day.

Where to plant gardenias?

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  • Add 2 to 4 inches (10.2 cm) of organic material to the soil. Gardenias like soil that is rich in nutrients.
  • Plant the gardenia in the prepared area.