How do you identify a fieldfare?

The fieldfare has a chestnut-brown back and yellowy breast, streaked with black. It has a black tail, dark wings and pale grey rump and head. It is a little smaller than the similar-looking mistle thrush, but quite distinctive.

What size is a fieldfare?

25 cm
The fieldfare is 25 cm (10 in) long, with a grey crown, neck and rump, a plain brown back, dark wings and tail and white underwings.

What does a fieldfare bird look like?

Males and females are alike in appearance with the distinguished marking of a blue-grey head, pale grey rump, brown wings and a long black tail; although the females tend to be slightly browner. Its underwings and belly are white, with a speckled yellow-ochre throat and mottled chest, so they’re fairly recognisable.

What is the difference between a mistle thrush and a fieldfare?

Fieldfare is slightly larger than a blackbird and are also a winter migrant. They have a grey head and tail with brown across the wings and back. The mistle thrush is the largest of the thrushes, larger than a fieldfare or blackbird, and with a long tail.

Is a redwing smaller than a thrush?

The redwing (Turdus iliacus) is a bird in the thrush family, Turdidae, native to Europe and the Palearctic, slightly smaller than the related song thrush.

What is the largest thrush?

mistle thrush
The mistle thrush is the largest thrush native to Europe.

Which is bigger Fieldfare or redwing?

Fieldfares are bigger in comparison to redwings, generally similar in size and shape to the mistle thrush. They have a longer tail compared to the redwing and stand upright and generally move on the ground by hopping about. Their breast and side flanks are speckled, as like other species from the thrush family.

Which is the largest thrush?

Are redwing birds rare?

Their food preferences mean that they are rarely spotted in gardens, preferring to roam the breadths of the British countryside. With only a tiny UK breeding population of 4-16 pairs, the Redwing is red-listed.

Is a redwing a thrush?

The redwing is most commonly encountered as a winter bird and is the UK’s smallest true thrush. Its creamy strip above the eye and orange-red flank patches make it distinctive.

What Colour is a female thrush?

Male Varied Thrushes are dark blue-gray on the back and rich burnt-orange below with a sooty-black breastband and orange line over the eye. The wings are blackish with two orange bars and orange edging to the flight feathers. Females have the same patterns, but are paler gray-brown than males.

What is the lifespan of a thrush?

American robin: 2 years