How do you get to the monasteries of Meteora?

You need to catch the bus going to Trikala (the nearest big town to Kalampaka) and then take the bus to Kalampaka. From there you need to either book a guided tour to the Monasteries, take a taxi or hike there. The train leaves from the New Railway Station in Thessaloniki and goes to Kalmpaka.

How do you get to Meteora mountain in Greece?

Without any airports closeby, your only options to get to Meteora are by bus or train. Recommendation: If you have limited time in Greece you can also visit Meteora on a day trip from either Athens or Thessaloniki. These two day tours from Athens and Thessaloniki come highly recommended.

What is on top of Meteora mountain in Greece?

As they had heard of ‘miracles’ taking place in the plains of Thessaly, they then settled on top of the rock called Stylos (the Pillar).

How did they build Meteora?

Meteora: Greek Monasteries Built in Impossible Places. Between the 14th and 16th centuries, Greek monks built 20 monasteries atop the rocks. Access was arduous — to transport themselves and their goods up the cliffs, they used long ladders tied together and baskets attached to ropes.

Is Meteora Greece worth visiting?

Meteora is worth visiting any time of year, but it shines in the off season. I went to Meteora in January and it was exquisite. There had just been a snowstorm all over Thessaly and Macedonia, and as a result, the landscape was dusted in a glittery white snow that made the monasteries even more beautiful.

How long should I stay in Meteora?

Most people are able to visit between 2 to 4 monasteries per day. The few visitors who visit all 6 of them within one day are missing out a magical, more slow-paced adventure. We recommend at least 2 days stay in Meteora.

How high is Meteora Greece?

The name was derived from a Greek contraction meaning “suspended in the air.” Rising high above the Thessalian plain, the sandstone megaliths on which the monasteries were built average 1,000 feet (300 metres) in height, with several reaching 1,800 feet (550 metres).

Is it worth going to Meteora Greece?

Is Meteora worth visiting?

Is Meteora a day trip from Athens?

For people with limited time, the best way to visit the Meteora monasteries from Athens is an organized tour. Even though a Meteora day trip from Athens will be a very long day, it is still doable, and you can rest and get a nap on your way to or back from Meteora.

How many days do you need in Meteora Greece?

Allow a minimum of two days (ideally three or four) to fully experience all Meteora has to offer. (If you want to add other classic Grecian sites to your itinerary, let this guide inspire you.) Only six of the original 24 monasteries still function, but they do welcome guests.

How many days do you need in Meteora?

How old are the rocks in Meteora Greece?

Located on the northern side of Greece, Meteora is included in the World Heritage List. Dotted with towering rocks, it boasts a breathtaking landscape, creating an otherworldly beautiful scenery! According to studies, these rocks were formed 60 million years ago, when weathering and earthquakes gave them their current shape.

What to see and do in Meteora Greece?

Visit Meteora and you’re in for a real treat as you witness the improbable sight of ancient monasteries teetering on narrow pillars of rock. So that you don’t miss a thing, be sure to make use of this guide full of Meteora travel tips.

When was the Meteora monastery in Greece built?

It was built in the 14th century and the access to the monastery until 1925 was only by rope ladders and the supplies were transferred by baskets. After 1925, 140 steep steps were carved on the rock making it more accessible. It was looted during World War II and all its treasures were taken by the Germans.

How is the weather in Meteora in the winter?

Alternatively, things can be very quiet for Meteora in winter with temperatures that can easily get below freezing. You may find also that it’s harder to find accommodation and places to eat as many businesses close for the off-season.