How do you get the Sky Golem Mount?

Crafted through Engineering, it will take 30 days to create it. You’ll need 30 Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source and 30 Living Steel. (For the Living Steel Bars you’ll need Alchemy and Mining can also come in handy.) Contrary to its departed cousin Sky Claw (Schematic: Sky Golem), Sky Golem is a one-person mount.

Does Mount equipment work on Sky Golem?

Due to this, the sky golem cannot benefit from other mount equipment. You can submit feedback and suggestions for improving World of Warcraft in one of two places: Our community forums.

How do I get a sky Golem schematic?

The one that grants sky golem is Schematic: Chief Engineer Jard’s Journal, which you get when you have max pandaria engineering and go around killing pandaria mobs. It will drop within a minute.

Is the sky Golem worth it?

Sky Golem is a poor investment right now especially since its incredibly inflated cost. Hitting rev with all the factions makes the monel-hardened sitrrups allow you to interact with objects while mounted.

Do you need engineering to ride Sky Golem?

The Sky Golem is a mount crafted by engineers that can be used by all players (no engineering requirement to use the mount).

How much does it cost to craft Sky golem?


Market Value: 38998.33g
Total Crafting Cost: 29886.0g
Estimated Profit: 9112.33g

Can Sky golem fly?

“A glorious feat of engineering, the sky golem takes traditional shredder technology to a whole new level (and altitude!).” Mount a Sky Golem, allowing you to fly very fast. The claws are surprisingly delicate and herbalists can use them to pick herbs! This is a flying mount.

How much does it cost to craft Sky Golem?

Can you buy a sky golem?

Sky Golem is a new wow mount added in the Mists of Pandaria. Living Steel is made from Alchemy, also can be bought from AH by wow gold. Sky Golem is bound when used, so you can sell it through AH, and ride the mount don’t need the Engineering profession.

Do you need engineering for Sky Golem?

Can you buy Sky Golem Mount?