How do you get the secret character in crossy road?

Read at your own risk! The player cannot obtain this mascot by winning it in the prize machine, due to the fact that it is a Secret Mascot. To unlock the Rugby Player, the player must play as the squirrel and collect 4 nuts then find a white rugby ball (looks like a white nut) on top of a tree.

How do you get the festive chicken in crossy road?

How to Obtain. During Christmas, Festive Chicken can be obtained for free. If it is not Christmas, you can either purchase it for $0.99/€0.87, or get it from the Prize Machine by spending 100 coins.

How do you get the secret NZ character in crossy road?

To unlock the Halfling, the player must be playing as any New Zealand character. There is a rare chance that, while playing, the player may encounter a small gold ring spinning just above the ground. The player can hop into the ring to collect it.

How do you unlock the secret cheerleader on crossy road?

Cheerleader can also be used to unlock Marathon Runner. This can be done by jumping through roughly 20 human pyramids in multiple runs to unlock the secret mascot.

What’s the highest Crossy Road score?

The highest score on Crossy Road is 4,195, and was achieved by Joshua Beesley (UK) in Tonbridge, UK, on 9 June 2020.

How do you unlock the Chinese monster in crossy road?

Chinese Monster is a secret mascot and cannot be unlocked using the Prize Machine or with payment. Instead, it is unlocked when the player begins a new run after catching up to Chinese Monster while playing as New Year’s Doll.

How do you get Gifty in crossy Road 2020?

To unlock Gifty, the player must use Festive Chicken and then play until they find a snow plain. Running into the Christmas Tree in the center of the plain will cause gifts to fly out of the center of the Christmas tree. Once the player has finished their run, it will automatically unlock Gifty.

How do you unlock rocky in crossy road?

Rocky can be unlocked from the Prize Machine for 100 Coins, or you can purchase it for $0.99(£0.79). Rocky can also unlock the secret character known as Ace by collecting 50 Hamburgers in total across multiple runs. Ace is also known as Jughead!