How do you get rare items on Animal Jam?

How to Get Rares in Animal Jam

  1. Trading Rare Items. If you are looking for certain Rares, it is a good idea to trade for them.
  2. Mondays are Important. Every Monday on Animal Jam, several rare items get released.
  3. Collect Adventure Items.
  4. Play Return of the Phantoms.
  5. Pick up Items on Clearance.
  6. Special Holidays in Animal Jam.

What is worth nerd glasses on Animal Jam?

The rare nerd glasses first appeared in August 2013 as a Rare Item Monday item and were sold at Jam Mart Clothing for one day. The cost of the nerd glasses was 950 gems which made them a pretty expensive item. As you can see here, the rare nerd glasses have a black frame and no lenses.

What is trick or treat bucket worth AJ?

550 Gems. 1,750 Gems (Rare Item Monday) 165 Gems.

Is there a free item generator for Animal Jam?

Also the free item generator (link is below this) is having the first 100 people get a free glitched, forever lasting membership, and you will get a magenta furry as a extra! The first 100 people will even be first in line for any new rare aj items! Hello fellow jammers! Yes, we are now looking for more jammers to become Jambassadors!

Where can I get Animal Jam rares for free?

You’ve come to the perfect place! “Animal Jam Free Rares – GENUINE” is the ONLY and TRUE website where you can get free rares & betas. How does “Animal Jam Free Rares – GENUINE works?

When does Animal Jam rare beta generator come out?

Animal Jam rare generator Saturday, May 9, 2015 Animal Jam Rare & Beta Generator Welcome Jammers! After long hard work on making a generator, I finally made one! Okay, so first of all, I will need you to comment this info in this is the format:

How to add more items to Animal Jam?

First choose 3 items you want us to add to your account, and the color. (Sorry,we can’t add more than 3 items in one day, our generator does not let us do that. If you want more items come the next day with other items you want us to add, sorry for the inconvenient, we are improving the generator to add more items in one day).