How do I update my Bose SoundLink mini firmware?

To update your product:

  1. On a computer, go to to open the Bose updater.
  2. View the terms of use, then click Accept and Continue to start.
  3. Click Download and save the file to your computer.
  4. Open the file and install the updater.
  5. Connect your product to the computer with a USB cable.

How do I reset my Bose mini SoundLink?

To reset your product: On the top of the speaker, press and hold the Mute button for 10 seconds. The product lights flash, then turn off once reset.

Is there an app for Bose SoundLink mini?

Get the Bose Connect app. The Bose Connect app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Why is my Bose mini SoundLink not connecting?

Unable to connect to a device Make sure that you are running the latest software on your SoundLink Mini speaker. On the speaker, press and hold mute for 10 seconds, the LEDs will flash for a few seconds. Next press the Power button to turn the SoundLink Mini speaker back on.

What’s the difference between Bose Soundlink Mini 1 and 2?

The main differences between the two speakers are; The Bose Soundlink Mini 2 has an improved battery life over the previous model. It has between 70-80% more battery life than the first generation of Soundlink Mini. The Soundlink Mini came with a charging cable that you could use with the speaker.

Why is my Bose Soundlink mini 2 flashing red?

The speaker may not be making a proper connection with the metal contacts on the charging cradle and the bottom of the speaker. Disconnect the charging cable from the charging cradle then connect the cable directly to the speaker. If the speaker begins charging, there may be an issue with the cradle.

Is Bose SoundLink mini discontinued?

The SoundLink Mini II was quietly discontinued in late 2018, favoring the newly released Revolve and Revolve+. However, due to high production numbers, it was still readily available as of late 2019.

Do you need the Bose App?

You can use your headphones without the Bose Music app Functionality will be limited, but the following features are still available without the app: Adjust volume, take phone calls and manage music controls using the touch control surface on the right earcup.

Is the Bose Soundlink mini 2 discontinued?