How do I send my Flat Stanley back?

Often, a Flat Stanley returns with a pin or postcard from his visit. Some teachers prefer to use e-mail only. Especially creative hosts send the Flat Stanleys back with pictures, souvenirs, stories and reminders of the visit.

What are you supposed to do with Flat Stanley?

Here are some creative Flat Stanley ideas!

  • State Fact Sheet. One way to give students information about Flat Stanley’s location is to write a letter or create a simple fact sheet.
  • Photographs. Students love visuals!
  • Scrapbook.
  • Souvenirs.
  • A Travel Journal.
  • Postcards.

What level is Flat Stanley?

™ Level 2 – Flat Stanley: Flat Stanley and the Bees.

How do you explain Flat Stanley?

The book recounts the adventures of Stanley Lambchop after he is squashed flat by a bulletin board while sleeping. He survives and decides to make the best of being flat. Soon, he discovers that he is able to enter locked rooms by sliding under the door.

What is a Flat Stanley doll?

Around the world in an envelope: Flat Stanley is the world’s most traveled paper doll. In 1994, a Canadian schoolteacher named Dale Hubert turned to Flat Stanley to encourage literacy in his third-grade classroom.

How did Flat Stanley get flattened?

Written in 1964 by American author Jeff Brown, the book centers around the life of character Stanley Lambchop, a boy who is accidentally flattened. In an interview with CNN in 2005, Hubert explained: “In the book, by Jeff Brown, Stanley gets squashed flat by a falling bulletin board.

How did Flat Stanley get flat again?

He has been flat once before, after a bulletin board fell on him. When his brother made him round again by blowing him up with a hose, Stanley thought he was through with flatness forever. And then one ordinary morning, Stanley suddenly goes flat again, and this time, the hose won’t work.

Can Flat Stanley walk?

Flat Stanley Takes The Constitutional Walking Tour There are many different ways that your students can embark on their learning adventures with Flat Stanley visiting Historic Philadelphia.

What is the order of the Flat Stanley books?

  • Book 1. Stanley and the Magic Lamp.
  • Book 2. Flat Stanley in Space.
  • Book 4. Stanley’s Christmas Adventure.
  • Book 5. Invisible Stanley.
  • Book 6. Stanley Flat Again!
  • Book 7. Flat Stanley and the Big Mountain Adventure.
  • Book 8. Jeff Brown’s Flat Stanley: The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery.
  • Book 10. Flat Stanley: The Japanese Ninja Surprise.