How do I program my s Cape remote?

Simultaneously press and hold the head up and foot up buttons on the remote control until the underbed light flashes and the massage motors activate. Release both buttons. Press the head up or foot up button on the remote control to verify base functions. One remote control is now programmed to operate one base.

Are Cash shop items transferable maplestory?

You can only transfer cash items between characters in the same world.

Where is the cash shop in Maplestory?

You can access the Cash Shop by clicking the yellow Cash Shop button on the bottom of the screen, or by using the Hotkey: ‘.

Does Leggett and Platt still make adjustable beds?

Leggett & Platt currently offers 14 models of adjustable beds with various features so you can get a bed that will fit your needs, budget and style.

How do I sync my adjustable bed remote?

How do I sync my remote with the adjustable base? To sync the remote with the base, hold the red button on the control box in for 5 seconds, at the same time, hit a button on the remote to turn it on.

Can you transfer pets in MapleStory?

You are able to transfer your pet by first, returning it to the Cash Shop inventory. Then just switch to your other character and take it back out of the Cash Shop inventory. Enjoy!

What can you buy in cash shop Maplestory?

The Cash Shop sells a variety of unique items. Players can buy clothes that mask over their equipment, such as overalls, shirts, pants, skirts, weapons, gloves, rings, shields, capes, and hats, and “transparent” equipment, allowing players to keep the stats of an item while making it invisible.

Are pets permanent Maplestory?

Permanent pets are avaialbe through events and also through the Random Pet Boxes in the Cash Shop, which you can buy with NX. Only ~10% of the pets in that box is permanent, so u have to be lucky to get a permanent pet on the first try.