How do I pay the 470 toll in Denver?

Toll Payments

  1. Pay Your Tolls Online. You can make a payment using our online payment system. Pay Online.
  2. Call Us. Make a payment over the phone through our automated payment system or speak to a customer service representative.
  3. Mail Your Payment. You can mail your payment to us at P.O. Box 5470 Denver, CO 80217-5470.

Is 470 around Denver a toll road?

E-470 is a toll highway that runs along the eastern perimeter of the Denver metropolitan area. The Northwest Parkway is a 75-mile per hour public toll road that seamlessly connects E-470 at I-25 in the north metro Denver area, with U.S. 36 in Broomfield.

Are e470 tolls waived?

Commuters with an E-470 ExpressToll account will have one thing to count on through 2020: Tolls on the beltway looping around the eastern edge of metro Denver will not go up. License plate toll drivers who take entire 47-mile road can expect to pay $21.80, compared with $14.25 for ExpressToll customers.

How much are the tolls in Denver?

It costs $15 per person or $50 per vehicle from May to November and $10 per person or $35 per vehicle from December to April. Use the Colorado Toll Calculator to calculate tolls and gas costs to travel through any of the three toll roads in Colorado or other US states.

Do out-of-state drivers pay Colorado tolls?

Whether a customer has a Colorado or an out-of-state license plate, the billing process works the same for all vehicle registrations. No advance registration is required. Customers drive non-stop and are billed later. Click here for a Q&A on the LPT billing process.

What does the E stand for in E470?

E470 on Twitter: “The E in E-470 technically stands for “extension,” as our road is an extension of C-470, but we like to think the E stands for “Excellence”!

How do tolls in Denver work?

All tolls are collected by electronic toll collection. This means no stopping, no tollbooth congestion and no change is needed. Simply drive under the electronic toll reader and the toll is deducted automatically from an active ExpressToll account.

Is I 25 in Denver a toll road?

The I-25 Central Express Lanes are two reversible lanes between US 36 and 20th Street in downtown Denver. Travelers are never forced to pay a toll and can always choose to travel in the adjacent, free general-purpose lanes.

How do I avoid tolls in Denver?

The only toll road is E-470 which is east of Denver and running north and south from the airport. You have no reason to be on it and it’s easily avoided. Just use your GPS and stay off toll roads. You will find a few other express lanes you can access for a toll.