How do I load my Bostitch stapler?

According to the instructions from Bostitch, hold down the bottom of the stapler with your free hand. Pull the arm upward to open the hinge that holds it over the carrying tray. Push the arm back until the tension on the hinge is relieved and the carrying tray is fully exposed.

Do electric staplers use regular staples?

The magazine also features storage for extra staple sticks. You can either staple your stacks at a 45º or 90º angle, depending on which you prefer. No other work is needed from you as the electric stapler automatically staples in just a fraction of a second.

Can you use Swingline staples in a Bostitch stapler?

The Swingline staples you mentioned should work in a Bostitch stapler. Sometimes, the film’s irregularity can cause problems with clogging–though a jam-proof design stapler may help.

How big is a Bostitch impulse 30 sheet stapler?

Bostitch Impulse 30 Sheet Electric Stapler Value Pack – Heavy Duty, No-Jam with Trusted Warranty… Swingline Electric Stapler, 20 Sheet Capacity, Jam Free, Office, Desk, Ergonomic, Optima Grip (48… Video Player is loading.

What makes a Bostitch electric stapler so good?

Conveniently built into the stapler is a compartment to keep four extra staple strips handy for a quick reload when needed. Smooth operation without any staple jam hiccups – enjoy continuous use and effortless performance, quickly and reliably.

When did the Stanley Bostitch impulse 25 stop working?

The stapler I received is malfunctioning and should be replaced by the seller. When the stapler worked it worked well (though it is loud like a large staple gun). I bought the stapler in late September and used it those few times (maybe 3) over the next month before it stopped working as properly.

Which is the best electric stapler for home use?

Craftinova Electric Stapler, 25 Sheet Capacity,Including 2000 Staples ,Jam Free Stapler,Professional and Home Office Stapler,Battery not Included,AC or Battery Powered.(Black Silver) … . . . Only 3 left in stock – order soon.