How do I install Delphi 7 on Windows 8?

Installing Delphi 7 on Windows 7/8/10/Server 2012

  1. Create the shortcut to Delphi32.exe.
  2. Open shortcut properties and set “run as administrator” option.
  3. Add Delphi to the of DEP (Data Execution Prevention).
  4. Check that Delphi 7 started correctly.

Does Delphi work on Windows 10?

Modern Windows 10 Controls everywhere! While these controls use specific Windows 10 APIs, the VCL design for them in RAD Studio ensures they work not only on Windows 10, but on older versions too.

How do I install Delphi 5 on Windows 10?

2 Answers

  1. Log in as Administrator.
  2. Turn UAC off.
  3. Log in as Standard User.
  4. Install Delphi 5 Pro via installer.
  5. The installation hangs while trying to install the BDE.
  6. Use Task Manager to kill the install process.
  7. Delete C:\Program Files (x86)\Borland\Delphi 5\Uninst.isu.
  8. Install Delphi 5 Pro via installer.

What can Delphi DS150E do?

DS150E is the Delphi Technologies Vehicle Communication Interface. It works in conjunction with the full diagnostics software covering all features and all systems offered by Delphi Technologies. It allows technicians to perform advanced diagnostic operations.

Which car diagnostic tool is the best?

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  • #1 – Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Scanner.
  • #2 – LAUNCH CRP129E OBD2 Scan Tool.
  • #3 – Actron CP9690 Elite OBD2 AutoScanner.
  • #4 – Autel ML629 OBD2 Scanner.
  • #5 – BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool.
  • #6 – OBDeleven Pro Diagnostic Scan Tool.
  • #7 – ANCEL FX2000 Vehicle OBD2 Scanner.

What can Delphi diagnostics do?

The tool manages many functions such as Intelligent System Scan, Intelligent System Identification, Flight Recorder, Report functions, VIN decoding, Battery voltage monitoring, Read/Erase Fault codes, Diagnostics history, Adjustments/Calibrations, Component activation, Real Time Data and much more.

What scan tool does Toyota use?

The Toyota/Lexus current factory tool is the laptop-based application called ‘Toyota TechStream’.

What is the best diagnostic software for cars?

Top 6 car diagnostic software for Windows and Mac

  • Automotive diagnostic software for Windows. AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool. ProScan. PCMScan.
  • Automotive diagnostic software for Mac. EOBD Facile. OBD Auto Doctor. Movi and Movi Pro.

What is the best code reader for Toyota?

Best Toyota Scanners Review

  • Autel AL319 OBD2 Code Reader – Editor’s Pick.
  • Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner.
  • Actron CP9690 Elite OBD1 OBD2 Scanner.
  • LAUNCH CRP3008 OBDII Code Reader.
  • Innova 3140g OBD1 OBD2 Scan Tool.
  • Innova 31703 OBD1&2 Scanning Tool.
  • Carly OBD2 Scanner.