How do I format a string in C#?

Format using C# String Format

  1. // Number formatting.
  2. int num = 302;
  3. string numStr = String.Format(“Number {0, 0:D5}”, num);
  4. Console.WriteLine(numStr);
  5. // Decimal formatting.
  6. decimal money = 99.95m;
  7. string moneyStr = String.Format(“Money {0, 0:C2}”, money);
  8. Console.WriteLine(moneyStr);

How do I format AC strings?

7 Answers. Use sprintf. int sprintf ( char * str, const char * format, ); Write formatted data to string Composes a string with the same text that would be printed if format was used on printf, but instead of being printed, the content is stored as a C string in the buffer pointed by str.

Does string format round?

If the value to be formatted has more than the specified or default number of decimal places, the fractional value is rounded in the result string. If the value to the right of the number of specified decimal places is 5 or greater, the last digit in the result string is rounded away from zero.

Which custom format is used to replace a digit or nothing if no digit is present in C#?

More information: The “0” Custom Specifier. Replaces the “#” symbol with the corresponding digit if one is present; otherwise, no digit appears in the result string.

Why is it called printf?

The most basic printing functions would be puts and putchar which print a string and char respectively. f is for formatted. printf (unlike puts or putchar ) prints formatted output, hence printf.

How do you round a string value in C#?

“double rounded string c#” Code Answer’s

  1. double number = 1.5362.
  2. int rounded = Math. Round(number)
  3. //rounds number to 2.
  4. double rounded_2 = Math. Round(number, 2)
  5. //rounds number to 1.54.

What is this 0 in C#?

The {0} in the format string is a format item. 0 is the index of the object whose string value will be inserted at that position. (Indexes start at 0.) If the object to be inserted is not a string, its ToString method is called to convert it to one before inserting it in the result string.

What does 0 in a string mean?

\0 is zero character. In C it is mostly used to indicate the termination of a character string. Of course it is a regular character and may be used as such but this is rarely the case. The simpler versions of the built-in string manipulation functions in C require that your string is null-terminated(or ends with \0 ).