How do I fix my Acer laptop no bootable device insert boot disk?

Solution 1: Change the Boot Mode to UEFI

  1. Legacy Support (On/Off or Enabled/Disabled)
  2. Boot Device Control.
  3. Legacy CSM (On/Off or Enabled/Disabled)
  4. Launch CSM (On/Off or Enabled/Disabled)
  5. CSM (On/Off or Enabled/Disabled)
  6. UEFI/Legacy Boot (Both/Legacy Only/UEFI Only)
  7. Boot Mode (Legacy Support/No Legacy Support)

How do I fix insert boot disk and press any key?

Solution 1: Change the Boot Mode to UEFI

  1. Step 1: Shut down computer.
  2. Step 2: Start computer and enter BIOS by pressing BIOS key (F1, F2, Del, Esc and F10) while the system boots.
  3. Step 3: Locate Boot Mode option and change its value to UEFI.
  4. Step 4: Exit and choose to Exit Saving Changes.

What does it mean when my laptop says no bootable device insert boot disk and press any key?

“No Bootable Device – Insert Boot Disk” is a Windows error that probably no one would want to see on their screen. The error simply means that your system has failed to locate the boot drive and can’t find the necessary boot files.

How do I fix no bootable device step by step?

How to fix no bootable device on Windows 10/8/7?

  1. Method 1. Remove and connect back all hardware components.
  2. Method 2. Check boot order.
  3. Method 3. Reset primary partition as active.
  4. Method 4. Check internal hard disk status.
  5. Method 5. Fix boot information (BCD and MBR)
  6. Method 6. Recover deleted boot partition.

How do I fix no bootable device detected?

How do I reboot my computer without a bootable device?

FIX for boot error “No bootable device — Please restart system”

  1. From a cold start (complete shutdown)
  2. Press the power button and immediatly continually tap F2 key to open the BISO setup.
  3. In BIOS go to the ADVANCED menu tab.
  4. Select System Configuration.
  5. Select Boot Mode.

How do you fix a no bootable device?

Follow these 3 steps to fix No Bootable Device problems: 1. Download and run the No Bootable Device repair tool Advanced System Repair. 2. Click Scan to run an advanced error analysis on your computer. 3. When the scan finishes, click the Fix All button to automatically repair the problems found.

What does no boot device available mean?

When you turn on a PC and the screen displays “no boot device available,” it means the computer cannot find a hard drive with an installed operating system or a boot disc such as a Windows install disc. Without an operating system, the computer cannot start.

What is a no bootable device?

No Bootable Device simply means that the computer can’t find an operating system. It could mean that Windows needs to be restored on the drive, or that there is a physical problem with the drive.