How do I factory reset my pebble?

To restore your Pebble to factory settings, select Settings from the main menu, then choose Factory Settings, which is the very last option.

How do I completely reset an iPad to factory settings?

Erase all content and settings from iPad

  1. Go to Settings > General > Reset. If you’re asked to enter your passcode and you’ve forgotten it, see Reset the passcode. If you’re asked to enter your Apple ID password and you’ve forgotten it, see the Recover your Apple ID website.
  2. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

How do I reset my iPad to factory settings without the passcode or computer?

iPad with Home button: Hold down the Top or Side button until the Power Off slider appears on the screen. Drag the slider to turn off the iPad. Then hold down the Home button while connecting the iPad to your computer. Release the Home button only after the recovery mode screen appears.

Why is my Pebble not connecting?

If your Android device is still not pairing or connecting, please double check that the settings are correct and BT is turned on. For Pebble, the path is Main Menu >> Settings >> Bluetooth, and make sure that it is showing “Now Discoverable”.

How do you reset your iPad If you are locked out?

How to unlock your iPad using iTunes

  1. A locked iPad can be reset by connecting it to iTunes and pressing the right button combination.
  2. If you can’t unlock your iPad, you can reset it to factory settings and then click “Restore” to use data from a backup.
  3. Select your iPad from the Devices dropdown menu.

What happened to the Pebble app?

In late 2016, Pebble had sold its assets to Fitbit and was planning to shut down its services, having failed to establish itself against smartwatches from Apple and other tech giants. A few years later, Alland is more than just a happy Pebble user.

How do I sync my Pebble watch?

Pair your Pebble watch to your phone.

  1. On your phone go to Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. On your phone select your Pebble and pair.
  3. On your Pebble go to Settings > Bluetooth.
  4. On your Pebble select your phone and pair.

Do Pebble watches still work 2020?

Originally, these web services were provided by Pebble Technology, Corp. However, Pebble Technology, Corp. halted operation, and after some time these web services have disappeared as well. There’s however one thing The Rebble Alliance cannot do: change every Pebble so it will use the Rebble Web Services.

Is Rebble for Pebble safe?

Rebble is a web service that replaces the offline Pebble servers. It is safe – it is an open source development program that you can follow along with on their Discord server.