How do I create a public database link in Oracle?

To create a public database link, you must have the CREATE PUBLIC DATABASE LINK system privilege. Also, you must have the CREATE SESSION system privilege on the remote Oracle database. Oracle Net must be installed on both the local and remote Oracle databases.

How do I create a public database link?

CREATE [PUBLIC] DATABASE LINK — create a new database link.

  1. Synopsis.
  4. username IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’}
  5. USING { libpq ‘libpq_connection_string’ |
  6. [ oci ] ‘oracle_connection_string’ }
  7. Description.
  8. Database links can be public or private.

How do I find the DB link in Oracle?

Any user can query USER_DB_LINKS to determine which database links are available to that user. Only those with additional privileges can use the ALL_DB_LINKS or DBA_DB_LINKS view.

How do you check DB Link is public or private?

We can verify public database link using select * from [email protected]_db_link; How private db links can be verified by a DBA if application schema’s password is not known.

How do I access a DB Link?

The Get External Data – Access Database import and link wizard opens. In the File name text box, type the name of the source database or click Browse to display the File Open dialog box. Click Link to the data source by creating a linked table, and then click OK. The Link Tables dialog box opens.

How do I test a database link?

Go to Schema Browser | DB Links tab | highlight the DB Link name you want to test | then click on the “Test Database Link” icon (lightning bolt icon) | and it should give you the test results like below.

How do I test a DB Link?

What is a DB link in Oracle?

A database link is a pointer that defines a one-way communication path from an Oracle Database server to another database server. The link pointer is actually defined as an entry in a data dictionary table. To access the link, you must be connected to the local database that contains the data dictionary entry.

How do I drop a public database link?

Use the DROP DATABASE LINK statement to remove a database link from the database. A private database link must be in your own schema. To drop a PUBLIC database link, you must have the DROP PUBLIC DATABASE LINK system privilege. You must specify PUBLIC to drop a PUBLIC database link.

What is a database link in Oracle?

How do I drop a database link?

How do I find the DB link in SQL Developer?

2 Answers

  1. DBA_DB_LINKS – All DB links defined in the database.
  2. ALL_DB_LINKS – All DB links the current user has access to.
  3. USER_DB_LINKS – All DB links owned by current user.