How do I contact Uniden customer service?

Please call 1-800-297-1023 to start your replacement order or click here to start your replacement order by e-mail. Uniden Customer Service Representatives are available to help you determine which program you qualify for and process your replacement order.

Is Uniden still in business?

Operation. Uniden’s runs numerous lines of business in research and development, manufacturing and marketing. As of 2018, current products include cordless phones, radar detectors, radio scanners, CB radios, and security/surveillance products.

Where is Uniden made?

Based on extensive research and development in Japan and the USA and production in Asia, Uniden has been able to offer it’s products all over the world. The company’s engineering excellence remains a cornerstone of the company’s success.

What is a Uniden scanner?

The Uniden BC75XLT is a compact handheld scanner that is ideal for listening to events as they unfold. The BC75XLT covers the bands used by Amature Radio Operators for Emergency reporting including NOAA weather broadcasts, as well as frequencies used at other events such as auto races, local events, and more.

How do I setup my Uniden phone?

Basic Setup Press the Menu button on your handset and select the Handset Setup menu. Next, select the Language submenu, move the cursor to your language choice, using the arrow key. Once selected, press the Select button to confirm. You will then be required to establish the date and time settings.

Is Uniden a good brand?

Uniden is a good brand when it comes to radios, but as with pretty much every brand in the industry, it’s not a one-size-fits-all option. However, Uniden is definitely hard to beat when you’re talking CB radios, particularly in the low price range.

Is Uniden a good phone?

Highly recommend to anyone. I love the many features of these phones, nice display, lots of cool ringtones, speakerphone, we use the monitor feature a lot with our little kids. Many phone companies today will provide a voicemail service so there’s no need to buy a phone with an answering machine.

Does Uniden make Cobra?

The Cobra 29LTD Professional CB Radio is our overall CB radio pick for its many features, all-in-one handset, and crisp, clear reception. With the number of features, sound quality, and affordability, the Uniden PRO510XL makes the cut for our best value CB radio.

How far can a scanner pick up?

Generally, expect the scanner to receive signals from a 25- to 50-mile radius from your location.

Do old scanners still work?

These scanners are obsolete primarily due to the fact that over the past few years, more and more public safety agencies have been transitioning towards operating on trunked and digital radio systems making some of these older analog scanners obsolete.