How do I contact John Hopkins Hospital?

To contact a specific department or service, please use the numbers below, or let our operators help you find the department you need at 410-955-5000….Contact The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Hospital Services Phone
Pastoral Care 410-955-5842
Patient Information 410-502-4000
Patient Relations 410-955-2273
Public Transportation (MTA/Metro) 410-539-5000

Is John Hopkins Hospital free?

The charity-care policy provides a sliding scale of free care based on the patient’s ability to pay. So, patients receive either free care or partially free care.

Can anyone go to John Hopkins?

As an “Ivy Plus” university, Johns Hopkins is understandably selective, accepting fewer than one out of eleven students that apply. Read the post below to learn more about the university and how to be considered a competitive applicant.

Where is John Hopkins Medicine?

Baltimore, Maryland
Johns Hopkins Medicine, based in Baltimore, Maryland.

How do I email Johns Hopkins Hospital?

The office is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT. Email addresses: General questions: [email protected]

How much does John Hopkins Hospital Cost?

Inpatient Procedure Costs at Johns Hopkins Hospital, The

Diagnosis or Procedure Description Hospital’s average charge National average charge
Other Vascular Procedures With Complications $40,540.00 $70,148.40
Other Vascular Procedures Without Any Complications $17,515.00 $48,011.10

What is Johns Hopkins zip code?

Contact Us. The Johns Hopkins Hospital. 1800 Orleans St. Baltimore, MD 21287. Google Map | Campus Maps.

What is the zip code for Johns Hopkins Hospital?

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: The Johns Hopkins Hospital 1800 Orleans Street Baltimore, MD 21287
Total Discharges: 39,549
Total Patient Days: 292,278
TPS Quality Score: 0.00
Patient Experience Rating:

What is the phone number for Johns Hopkins Hospital?

Johns Hopkins Hospital, The is located at 600 North Wolfe Street Baltimore, MD 21287 and can be contacted via phone number (410) 955-9540.

What is the best hospital in Baltimore?

According to the ranking, here are the best hospitals in Maryland: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore (1) University of Maryland Medical Center , Baltimore (2)

Where is Johns Hopkins Medical Center located?

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center (abbreviated JHBMC or Bayview; formerly Francis Scott Key Medical Center and Baltimore City Hospitals), located in southeast Baltimore City, Maryland, U.S., is a hospital and medical office center within the Johns Hopkins Health System.

How many employees does Johns Hopkins Hospital have?

The hospital occupies approximately 20 of the 60 buildings on the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. The complex has over 80 entrances and receives 80,000 visitors weekly. It houses over 1,000 beds and has a staff of over 1,700 doctors with over 30,000 total employees.