How do I contact Amex Platinum Concierge?

Contact your Concierge Service at 1-800-801-6564 (Toll-free number from within the U.S.) or 1-954-503-8868 (Collect call from outside the U.S.)

How many AMEX Platinum holders are there?

Here’s the stats on what is known. Circulation figures for 2017 suggest that outside the U.S., there are about 400,000 Platinum Cards, and 84,000 Centurion Cards. In the United States, TimeInc reports that American Express Platinum Card and Centurion membership has increased 23% since 2010.

Is Amex Platinum contactless card metal?

Amex has confirmed with TPG that the new contactless metal cards (except the Centurion card) are not completely metal, and feature a plastic backside. That means the Amex Platinum, The Business Platinum Card® from American Express and the American Express® Gold Card will no longer be as clunky and heavy as before.

Can you text Amex Platinum Concierge?

American Express is rolling out a new platform where Platinum cardmembers will be able to text back and forth with concierges for all of their requests, whether that be dining reservations, searching for show tickets or planning a special night out.

What is the platinum Amex card made of?

stainless steel
The American Express (AXP) Platinum Card is stainless steel and comes with new travel perks—for a higher fee — Quartz.

Can you tap with Amex?

Amex tap pay limit increased to $250 It’s been in the works for a couple of weeks, but Amex cards can now use tap (or contactless) payments for purchases up to $250. The normal limit is $100, but now you’ll be able to use your Amex card for up to $250 when you pay by tap.

Will Amex Platinum waive annual fee?

The Amex Platinum card waives the annual fee for active-duty servicemembers — but even with the fee, it’s a great value. Personal Finance Insider writes about products, strategies, and tips to help you make smart decisions with your money.

How to apply for American Express Platinum Card?

Platinum Benefits The American Express Corporate Platinum Card ® provides a host of benefits to meet the needs of those who want excellent service at home and when they travel. Call 1-855-531-3491 to apply.

What are the perks of an AMEX Platinum Card?

What it is: One of the more popular Amex Platinum perks is the annual Uber Cash of up to $200, allotted in $15 monthly increments except in December, when you’ll get a $35 credit ($15 plus a $20 bonus) for U.S. services. For anyone who frequently uses the ride-hailing service, it shouldn’t be hard to get the full $200 in value from this benefit.

Can you add AMEX Platinum to your Uber account?

Make sure you add your Amex Platinum to your Uber account and the credit will automatically be added to your first domestic ride each month. Tips for maximizing: Note that these credits are only valid for Uber rides in the U.S., and you don’t have to pay your balance with an Amex card to get the discount.

What happens if you lose your American Express Platinum Card?

Just charge your full return fare to your Platinum Credit Card and you and your family are covered if an accident occurs during your trip. If your luggage is lost, damaged or stolen, the Platinum Credit Card offers up to R20 000 in cover.