How do I connect my pilot Dash cam to my phone?

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  1. Please make sure your WiFi, Location, and Bluetooth are enabled. To enable them, scroll down from the top of your screen and tap on the WiFi, Location, and Bluetooth icons.
  2. Open the Nexar App.
  3. Tap the ‘More’ button.
  4. Tap ‘Settings’
  5. Tap ‘External Camera’ > Follow the Pairing Flow.

How do you turn on a pilot dash cam?


  1. Plug 12V power adapter into vehicle’s 12V power (cigarette lighter) port.
  2. Plug mini-USB end into dashcam’s port. The unit will automatically turn on and start recording (when a memory card is installed), Press OK button to stop recording.

How do I set the date and time on my Pilot dash cam?

Go to Menu Settings > Date Input > Set. 2. Once you are in this menu, select your date format with the Up or Down buttons, and hit “OK”. The date itself below the format should now be highlighted, and you can set this using the Up or Down buttons.

How do you delete videos on pilot dash cam?

Delete a file on the Dash Cam: Select a folder – Protected files, Unprotected files, Photos. Scroll through files use left and right arrows to find the one you want to delete. Press the delete button – bottom right. Confirm by clicking ‘OK’

How can I read my Dash Cam footage on my phone?

Then press the Wifi button on your Dash Cam, this turns on the connections. Then go into your phone WiFi settings, select the dash camera and now your connected! You can now go into your app and view live recording of the Dash Cam, view previous recorded incidents, recent footage etc.

How can I watch my Dash Cam on my phone?

Your dash cam might have a dedicated app and a wi-fi connection. Install the app on your smartphone or tablet, sync up with the dashcam, and you can view footage directly on your device.

How much does a pilot dash cam cost?

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How do you use the onn Mini Dash Cam?

Great, easy to use dash cam Simply attach the suction cup to your windshield, clip on the camera, and plug it into a usb power adapter. When it connects to power it starts recording.

What is Auto off on dash cam?

Auto power off is how long the camera will wait to turn off if no recoding is in process. ( Such as when you manually stop the recording and never restart it) Delay power off is how much longer the DashCam will record on internal battery power after ACC power is cut from the car when you shut off the engine.

What happens when Dash Cam memory is full?

Loop recording on a Dash Cam allows for continuous recording, even if the SD memory card reaches full capacity. This means older files are overwritten once the SD card reaches its file size limit. The Dash Cam will be recording on a continuous loop when powered on, so will always be recording.

Why does my SD card not work in my Dash Cam?

There are two possibilities when dash cam says insert sd card, first, confirm whether the machine impend fault. Second, whether the memory card is formatted or the SD car port is the fault. 4, the memory card may not be plugged in, remove and insert again. If not, the SD card port may be broken.