How do I check my SPE membership?

Your assigned member number can be found online at Please make note of this number. It is unique to you and serves as the primary identifier of your membership record. You can also print your membership card online at

How do you become a member of SPE?

How do I register for SPE certification?

  1. An undergraduate engineering degree in petroleum engineering or related science.
  2. At least 4 years of experience and training in engineering.
  3. Professional membership in good standing with the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Who is the highest paid petroleum engineer?

Highest Paying States for Petroleum Engineering

Rank States Annual Salary
1 Texas $164,340
2 Colorado $156,500
3 Alaska $146,650
4 Washington $141,500

What is the minimum salary of Petroleum Engineer?

Petroleum Engineer – Average Salary A Petroleum Engineer can expect an average starting salary of ₹2,31,800. The highest salaries can exceed ₹30,00,000.

What does SPE stand for?


Acronym Definition
SPE Special Purpose Equipment
SPE Sales Per Employee
SPE Symbolic Programming Environment
SPE Semiconductor Production Equipment

What is SPE student chapter?

SPE has student chapters around the world that provide an operating framework for society activities at a university level. Each student chapter is sponsored by a local, professional section and has the support of their university department.

What type of engineering is petroleum engineering?

Petroleum engineering is a field of engineering concerned with the activities related to the production of Hydrocarbons, which can be either crude oil or natural gas. Exploration and production are deemed to fall within the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry.

Why are petroleum engineers paid so much?

One of the reasons petroleum engineers are paid so well is because it’s a highly specialized field. On top of that growth, 40% of the industry’s petroleum engineers are expected to retire over the next decade, leaving many more job openings in addition to those new openings.

Which country pays highest salary to petroleum engineers?

Petroleum engineering jobs are paid an average of SAR 237,206 in Saudi Arabia, which is equivalent to $63,248.61 per year. The lowest salary is at SAR 59,000 and the highest is at SAR 955,000. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil offers an average annual salary of R$217,000, which is equivalent to $54,591.78.

Are petroleum engineers in demand?

Employment of petroleum engineers is projected to grow 3 percent from 2019 to 2029, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Oil prices will be a major determinant of employment growth. Typically, companies also expand exploration for new reserves of oil and gas when prices are high.

What is SPE in construction?

The most common use of the corporate laws to shield a company from risk in construction is the use of special purpose entities (SPE). An SPE is an entity, like an LLC, that is set up by a parent company to do one thing, which is to own a single asset such as a building under construction.

What does SPE mean in finance?

special purpose entity
A special purpose vehicle, also called a special purpose entity (SPE), is a subsidiary created by a parent company to isolate financial risk. Its legal status as a separate company makes its obligations secure even if the parent company goes bankrupt.

Where are the offices of the Society of Petroleum Engineers?

SPE has offices in Dallas, Houston, Calgary, London, Dubai, Moscow and Kuala Lumpur. SPE is a professional association for more than 164,000 engineers, scientists, managers, and educators. There are about 73,000 student members of SPE.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers?

Membership. SPE is a non-profit association for petroleum engineers. Petroleum engineers who become members of SPE gain access to several member benefits like a complimentary subscription to the Journal of Petroleum Technology, unlimited free webinars, and discounts on SPE events (conferences, workshops, training courses, etc.) and publications.

When did the Society of petroleum engineers become tax exempt?

SPE became tax-exempt in March 1985. The first SPE Board of Directors meeting was held 6 October 1957, making 2007 the 50th anniversary year for SPE as a professional society. 6 October 2017 was the 60th anniversary of SPE.

How does the SPE help oil and gas professionals?

I really like how the SPE serves as a strong enabler for oil and gas professionals, from knowledge sharing to networking. Having the opportunity to volunteer and promote SPE events, working along with a great team of committed professionals and make these events happen is both a rewarding and humbling.