How do I become a fire dozer operator?

One year of experience operating D6 or D7 bulldozers or equivalent size bulldozers produced by other manufacturers. Qualifying bulldozer experience must include at least 500 hours of operation of the specified bulldozers in rugged terrain; Education equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade.”

How long is the Cal Fire Academy?

219 hours
This rigorous 219 hours of training is specifically for those seeking a seasonal firefighter job with CAL FIRE. The new 6-week format will include additional certifications, including SFT Low Angle Rope Rescue Operations (LARRO), NWCG Firefighter Type 1 S-131, Portable Pumps and Water Use S-211.

Does CAL FIRE train you?

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) operates two state-of-the-art Training Centers in California. CFTCS was established to meet critical training needs of the Department due to trends related to the increasing size and severity of wildfires throughout California. …

Does CAL FIRE have an academy?

About CAL FIRE Academy CAL FIRE Academy is located in Ione, CA, but also offers classes online.

How much do fire dozer operators make?

How Much Do Fire Dozer Operator Jobs Pay per Year? $34,000 is the 25th percentile.

What does a dozer do in a fire?

Operators use the blades attached to their bulldozers to create a hefty, dirt path — removing flammable brush, grass and trees directly alongside a burning fire, that, in theory, will stop the fire from spreading.

How much money does a Cal Fire firefighter make?

How much does CAL Fire pay per year? The average CAL Fire salary ranges from approximately $74,100 per year for a Firefighter to $84,279 per year for a Firefighter/Paramedic.

Do you need to be an EMT for Cal Fire?

Individuals are encouraged to get an EMT certificate in order to be competitive in the hiring process for most fire suppression classifications.

Is Cal Fire Private?

The men and women of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) are dedicated to the fire protection and stewardship of over 31 million acres of California’s privately-owned wildlands. Beyond its wildland firefighting role, CAL FIRE is an “all-risk” department. …

How do I train for the fire academy?

7 tips to prepare yourself for the fire academy

  1. You’re waking up early. Wake early enough so you can leave, drive to the farthest station and arrive an hour early.
  2. Dress the part.
  3. Chores, chores, chores.
  4. Make a menu.
  5. Time to study.
  6. Turn off the TV.
  7. Get on a budget.