How do I access my Synology Photos?

Enter ” http://your_address/photo ” in a web browser….Access via external IP addresses or DDNS

  1. Go to DSM > Control Panel > Network.
  2. Enter your router’s IP address in the Default gateway field.
  3. Go to the settings page of your router and find the Port Forwarding section.

How do I add photos to my Synology photo Station?

2. Upload Photos

  1. Download and install Synology Photo Station Uploader (available at Synology’s Download Center).
  2. On your computer, right-click on any photos you want to upload, and choose Upload to Photo Station > Create new profile to open the wizard.

What is the difference between Synology photo Station and moments?

There is also a shared album, /photo/Moments, for users of Moments. Photo Station is the older package and requires you to organise photos into album folders (file system folders). Albums have access permissions and can be made public. There is a public web portal, so not necessary to have a sharing link sent to you.

What is photo Station Synology?

Photo Station lets you efficiently manage photo storage, share and access files on the go, collect client feedback, and do a lot more.

Are Synology photos free?

Synology Photos is also available as a free app on Android and iOS. Installation and setup are easy: simply download and install from your mobile store (for this review, we used the Android Play Store) and load the app.

How do I access Synology moments from the Internet?

To launch Synology Moments, do either of the following: After the settings are configured, type the following web address in the web browser’s address bar to open Synology Moments: http://your_synology_server_ip_address/moments/

Are Synology moments good?

Synology Moments Review Summary Basically, Moments is just like Google Photos, and it does a great job of organising images via learning technology. Although it’s a great software solution, it still has various features that need improvements to stay competitive with Google.

How do I access Synology moments?

To launch Synology Moments, do either of the following:

  1. In Synology Drive Server, click the App Launcher icon and find Synology Moments.
  2. In DSM, go to Main Menu > Moments.

Is Synology Photos any good?

Synology Photos has a responsive and fast search function with features new filter types that will allow users to quickly sort through their photos and find what they need. This is particularly handy for professionals with larger libraries, as the Synology app allows you to sort by: File type. Time taken.

Where are moments photos stored?

When uploading photos or videos to Synology Moments via the web interface or mobile devices, the uploaded items will be respectively uploaded to the folder named Web or Mobile under the folder home/Drive/Moments.

Is Synology Moments any good?