How can I FnF in Robi?

To get the FnF options subscriber needs to dial *123*80*1*4#

How can I activate Internet in Robi postpaid?

Enjoy the best Postpaid Pack offer of your choice only on Robi….৳ 1998

  1. Please click on “Buy now” and follow the instructions to activate the pack online.
  2. All Postpaid users are eligible for this pack.
  3. Dial *3# for data balance check.
  4. To check the remaining minutes balance, dial *222*2#
  5. To check SMS dial *222*12#

How can I pay my Robi postpaid bill?

Postpaid Packages. Bill Payment is much easier when you do online (through MFS Balance, Card or Online banking): – Robi Website: Visit Robi website and on home screen put your number and amount – you are all set. – MyRobi App: On home screen Tap on “Pay Now” and follow onscreen instruction.

How can I buy minutes in Robi postpaid?

  1. 190 Minutes @ BDT 118 for 10 Days (Postpaid)
  2. 190 Minutes @ BDT 118 for 10 Days (Postpaid) 190 Min. 10 Days. ৳ 118. (including VAT, SD & SC) Buy Now. (2) Share. Terms & Conditions. This offer is valid only for Postpaid Customer. To check the remaining minutes balance, dial *222*2# Bundle Minute Pulse is 10 sec.

What is FnF number?

Family & Friends (F&F) is a service that gives you a possibility to select numbers to which you get more favourable tariff for calls. Numbers can be changed after 30 days as of the activation date. For checking your F&F numbers, send SMS message, reading: FF INFO.

How can I check Super FnF?

This menu can be used for those price plans that have FnF or Super FnF, like: Bondhu, Amontron, xplore, djuice, business solution and Ekota (1 & 3)….USSD Menu.

Menu Options
*121*1*5*1# Add FnF
*121*1*5*2# Add Super FnF
*121*1*5*3# Delete FnF/Super FnF
*121*1*5*4# View FnF List

What is meant by postpaid?

The postpaid mobile phone is a mobile phone for which service is provided by a prior arrangement with a mobile network operator. The user in this situation is billed after the fact according to their use of mobile services at the end of each month.

How can I check my Robi minutes?

Robi to Robi reaming minute checking USSD code is *222*2# / *222*8# / *222*25# Robi off-net remaining minutes checking USSD code is *222*9# Robi- any operator remaining minutes checking USSD code is *222*25#

How can I check GP FnF list?

Check FNF/Super FNF Number in GP

  1. Go to message.
  2. Type FF.
  3. And send a sms to 2888.

How can I change FnF number?

– To change FnF, dial *2888#, then press 5 followed by the existing number then the new number you wish to set as an FnF number. – To change Super FnF, dial *2888#, then press 6 followed by the existing number then the new number you wish to set as the Super FnF number.

What are postpaid plans?

With postpaid plans you don’t need to pay anything upfront, you get a monthly bill after you use your telecom connection. On the other hand with Prepaid, you can recharge with a fixed amount up front and only then can consume the benefits. Postpaid – You use first, and then pay later.

Why are postpaid plans costly?

You Get a Bill Shock A bill shock is when a user gets a bill amount that is much higher than the postpaid plan they are using. This may happen due to many reasons such as roaming charges while you were out of station or using more internet data than the data limit of your postpaid plan.