How can I download my NSR card?

Ans: Kindly visit the link “Already Registered, Access your profile” on the NSR site and login with your ITPIN, Login Id and Login Password. Go to the menu “Request for – Generate NSR eCard” to view your electronic card. You can take print of the same if required.

What is NSR registration card copy?

NSR issues an eCard to all registered Knowledge Professionals which has details of the registered professional i.e. NSR Registration Number (ITPIN), Name and Photograph. Upon receipt of such request a NSR card will be printed and sent to the address requested by the registered professional.

What is NSR in PAN card?

NSR issues a registration number i.e. NSR Registration number, also called ITPIN for each registered profile. NSR is used by IT & BPO industry and a few companies in financial services sector for creating and referencing secure and verified online profile of employees and job applicants.

How can I check my NSR card status?

You can check the status of your ITPIN generation after submission of finger-prints on NSR site. This can be done using “Complete your Registration” option on NSR website and entering your “Acknowledgement Number” issued by NSR system and Log-in password set-up by you.

Why is NSR mandatory?

NSR registration provides the registered persons with an industry preferred profile on a central system. NSR also deters persons faking and inflating their CVs from competing for jobs based on hyped details. So all honest persons must register their correct details on NSR and stop the menace of faked resumes.

Is NSR mandatory for Cognizant?

Is NSR mandatory? While joining a new company, the HR will ask you to apply for NSR. If you have time to register and give biometric data,you can do it. However if you want to avoid it due to lack of time, you may skip it.

How many days will it take to get NSR card?

Aadhaar card , Voter ID, Pan Card, Driving License, Passport, etc. Step 10: An identification number called ITPIN is generated and sent to applicant’s email id. They will receive the NSR e-card within 20 days.

Is NSR mandatory for HCL?

Does NSR do background check?

NSR maintains verification status for each registered professional and for various details forming part of each profile. The professional and the authorised companies can see the verified profile with background check results against each individual details verified by the EBC.

Is NSR mandatory?

Is NSR mandatory? While joining a new company, the HR will ask you to apply for NSR. NSR may help you in background check if you are a regular job hopper but it won’t have any adverse affect on your employment even if you don’t do it. Every company has it’s own Background Check (BGC) mechanism.

Will NSR do background check?

Can an employee be blacklisted in NSR?

Companies, as well as, individuals can register to NSR for Rs 300 and regular updating has to be done by an individual. If a company finds out an employee faking his resume, it should take the responsibility to initiate validation. He will be blacklisted completely.