How can I avail toy train in Darjeeling?

How to book Toy Train Joyrides in Darjeeling

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  2. 1) The best way is to book online and use the Indian Railways Website.
  3. 2) You can book at any of the computerized reservation counters in India.
  4. 3) You can also get tickets at Darjeeling Railway Station.

What is the fare of toy train in Darjeeling?

Charter Trains

SN Section Fare in Rs. (Single trip)
1 New Jalpaiguri -Rongtong 80,850/-
2 Siliguri -Tindharia 80,850/-
3 Tindharia – Kurseong 80,850/-
4 Kurseong-Darjeeling 80,850/-

Is toy train Open in Darjeeling?

Meanwhile, The heritage toy train services between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling in West Bengal resumed on Wednesday after a 17-month gap due to COVID-19 pandemic, an official said. Already, the toy train was on the tracks between Darjeeling and Ghum since August 16.

Which toy train is best in Darjeeling?

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, West Bengal Operational since 1881, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is one of the oldest toy trains of India. The 96 kilometres long route runs from New Jalpaiguri Station right into Darjeeling, stopping at various stations such as Siliguri, Kurseong and Ghoom.

Is there any toilet in Darjeeling toy train?

The 7-hour toy train journey at snail pace all the way from NJP/Siliguri to Darjeeling without onboard toilet facilities can be uncomfortable for many. And it is not unusual for the train to run late.

Which is the best Toy Train in India?

Top 5 Toy Trains In India

  • Kalka-Shimla, Himachal: Through Tunnels, Over Bridges.
  • Kangra Valley Railway, Himachal: Views Of Dhauladhar Range.
  • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, West Bengal: Engineering Marvel.
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Tamil Nadu: Asia’s Steepest Rail.
  • Matheran Hill Railway, Maharashtra: Back In Action.