How big do Flameback cichlids get?

*Size: 5 inches (13 cm.) *Description; Males are brilliantly colored with a mix of yellow. Lime green, and red. Females are usually a plain silver or gold color.

Do cichlids attack people?

With so many cichlids in the tank, it is difficult for the dominant ones to single out individuals. This spreads the aggression out to many fish which means each individual fish is not too stressed. However, you must be careful when overcrowding a tank.

How big do dragon blood cichlids get?

seven inches
The dragonblood peacock cichlid will reach a length of seven inches, and may live for well over ten years in captivity. This cichlid is relatively passive for an African cichlid, and ideally should be kept with other cichlid species that are not overly aggressive.

What is an OB peacock cichlid?

OB Peacock is a very popular species of peacock cichlid. It is however NOT native to the waters of Lake Malawi. The OB Marbled Peacock is rather a hybrid species of cichlid. Bred by crossing a male species of Aulonocara with an OB female Mbuna, many variants of the OB peacock have now been introduced into the hobby.

Where can I find a Kyoga flameback cichlid?

For the hobbyist, the furu from Kyoga are sought after due to their small size, adaptability to captive life and coloration (they are among the most colorful cichlids on the planet). These fish are not regularly seen at your local store so it may take some effort and digging to locate them.

Are there any cichlids that are aggressive to humans?

There are thousands of species of cichlid out there; from huge Oscars and peacock bass to small, colorful African cichlids and even to slow moving, peaceful discus fish and angelfish. Unfortunately, 90% of the species has the potential to be aggressive. Even angelfish can become very nippy as adults.

What kind of animal is the xystichromis Kyoga flameback?

Xystichromis sp. “Kyoga flameback”, is for the most part, a peaceful aquarium resident. Males will become aggressive among each other with the onset of spawning but in general remains rather placid.

Where can I find the Crimson Tide cichlid?

Crimson Tide Cichlid (Pundamilia nyererei) The Crimson Tide Cichlid (Pundamilia nyererei) known to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as Nyerere’s Victoria Cichlid, Crimson Tide Flameback, or Flameback is only found along the shallow coast lines of several islands located at the southern end of Lake Victoria, East Africa.