How are country and rap similar?

In their redneck-vs. -‘hood aesthetics, country stars and rappers mine similar themes: a strong sense of pride, the benevolent badass holding court; an even stronger sense of place, country folk and city dwellers; and a penchant for smoke-and-booze shindigs, the party vibe in full effect.

What music is similar to rap?

Hip-Hop/Rap Music Genres

  • Alternative Rap.
  • Avant-Garde.
  • Bounce.
  • Chap Hop.
  • Christian Hip Hop.
  • Conscious Hip Hop.
  • Country-Rap.
  • Crunkcore.

Is rap better than country?

Rap should be given its due. The genre has the same storytelling capacity and some particularly catchy hooks. And while country has its screaming guitars, the chest-thumping bass of rap is hard to beat.

What is the difference between rap and music?

Rap music is the combination of rhyming and poetry to a beat. It is part of the Hip-Hop genre, which involves lyrics over fast-paced music. Some people have described Hip-Hop as a way of life and a subculture, while rap is a specific genre of music.

Which one is more popular country or rap?

Leading music genres according to consumers in the United States as of May 2018

Characteristic Share of respondents
Pop 56.1%
Country 49.9%
R&B and Soul 38.9%
Hip Hop 37.4%

Who is the king of rap?

Eminem has been crowned the King of Hip-Hop by Rolling Stone. The magazine took a look at solo rappers who released albums from 2009 to the present, taking into account album sales, rankings on the R&B/hip-hop and rap charts, YouTube video views, social media, concerts grosses, awards and critics’ opinions.

What do mumble rappers rap about?

“Mumble rappers” tend to talk about drugs, sex, money, jewelry, designer clothing, and partying. Rappers labelled as “mumble rappers” also tend to use the “aye” flow, where they add words such as “yeah”, “aye” and “uh” to the start or end of their lines.

Is country worse than rap?

A new study published last week by treatment and recovery site found that country actually tops the list of genres that reference drugs the most. Country artists sing about drugs more often than any other musician, the study found – more than rock stars and rappers.

Whats bigger country or rap?

Based on data reported by Christopher John Farley in his “Hip-Hop Nation” essay for Time Magazine, hip-hop sold 81 million units that year, nine million more than country music. “For the first time ever, rap outsold what previously had been America’s top-selling format,” Farley wrote.

What does MC mean in rap?

The flexibility of slang in the language of hip-hop gave a variety of new meanings to what MC stands for, such as “Microphone Controller,” “Move the Crowd,” and “Mic Checka.” Given more freedom on the microphone in front of audiences, MCs began to get more creative with their performance opportunities.

Who is the most famous rap artist?


  • 1 Snoop Dogg95%
  • 2 Kanye West94%
  • 3 Eminem94%
  • 4 Ice Cube93%
  • 5 Jay-Z92%
  • 6 MC Hammer91%
  • 7 Vanilla Ice91%
  • P. Diddy90%

What is the #1 music genre?

What’s the difference between rap and country music?

Country music has been around longer than rap music. Country music started to get popular in the 1920’s whereas rap was started in the 1970s. Many people who dislike this kind of music think it’s a bunch of hicks singing about how they lost their girlfriend, dog or truck.

Are there any rappers that listen to country music?

Rappers and country stars are actually a lot alike when it comes to their particular art forms. Weird and unlikely as it sounds, they share the same template.

When did country music start sounding like rap?

Columbia University ethnomusicologist Dr. Kevin C. Holt explains why the recent marrying of country and rap is nothing new, but part of a long and complicated history the two genres share, dating back to the segregation of the music industry in the 1920s. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

What kind of music do most people listen to?

Country and Rap music may be two most popular types of music. Many people who like country dislike rap music and the other way around. Many people who listen to rap would never listen to country or ever admit to it. On the other hand people who listen to country may enjoy some rap music.