How accurate is polar A360?

Using the Polar A360 for running To be fair, the distance accuracy on the A360 isn’t terrible. I ran around 5km with the Polar A360 on one wrist and the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ GPS on the other. The Garmin GPS tracker measured a distance of 5.08km, while the Polar A360 logged 5.58km.

Do Polar watches track sleep?

Polar device will track your sleep time and quality (restful or restless), if you wear it at night. Your sleep time is the longest continuous rest time that takes place within 24 hours starting from 18:00/6pm to next day’s 18:00/6pm.

How do you use polar sleep plus?

Sign into your Flow account or create a new one at, and choose Settings > Physical settings > Your preferred sleep time. Set your preferred time and choose Save. Or in Flow app, tap your profile, and choose Your preferred sleep time. Choose your preferred time and tap Done.

How do I set up my polar A360?

Plug in your A360 to your computer’s USB port, go to and sign in. Go to Settings and Products. Choose your A360, click and change the handedness. The display orientation on your A360 will change on the next synchronization.

Does polar A360 have GPS?

The Polar A360 does not have GPS, but it does still measure speed and distance, which is plenty for non-competitive runners. You can see in the Polar Flow app a history of your runs on a calendar, with more stats within the logs. You also get Training Benefit assessments of your runs.

What is the best sleep tracker?

When it comes to tech, the Fitbit Sense is the best wearable sleep tracker on the market right now, and we’ve tested it extensively. It’s light on the wrist and won’t get in your way, thanks to that 40mm case size. Even better, it uses the same sleep tracking technology as the rest of the Fitbit line.

Can Polar M400 track sleep?

M400 will track your sleep time and quality (restful or restless), if you wear it at night. You don’t have to turn the sleep mode on, the device automatically detects from your wrist movements that you’re sleeping.

How do I change sleep data on polar flow?

Here’s how to do it in the app: Go to Sleep view and tap in the middle of the data area. The view turns to landscape. Edit the sleep time by dragging the red buttons at the ends of the sleep time to match your perceived wake-up time, for example.

Why is my polar A360 not pairing?

If you have trouble syncing, try these steps one at a time: Turn Bluetooth off and on from your mobile Android or iOS device and try again. Restart the mobile device and try to sync again. As a last resort, uninstall Flow app from your mobile Android or iOS device, reset your A370 and start again from the beginning.

How do I update my polar A360?

To update the firmware:

  1. Plug your A360 to your computer with the USB cable.
  2. FlowSync starts syncing your data.
  3. After syncing, you are asked to update the firmware.
  4. Choose Yes. New firmware is installed (this may take some time), and A360 restarts.

Is the polar A360 waterproof?

The waterproof, wrist-worn A360 includes an optical heart rate monitor (HRM) and a number of smart features that coach you toward meeting your goals every day. It also supports push notifications from Android and iOS.

Does polar flow have GPS?

A370 can use the GPS from your mobile phone to read the speed, pace, distance, altitude and the route of your outdoor training sessions. You can see the route only in the Flow app and in the Flow web service after your session. You need to keep your mobile with you during the sessions.

How does the polar A360 fitness tracker work?

The Polar A360 is intended to track your active states, follow your workouts and sporting activities, and accurately measure your heart rate. I tested it for several weeks, running, weight training and doing regular daily activities (including shoveling snow and hauling wood).

Are there any downsides to the polar A360?

Polar has done a generally excellent job, packaging an accurate, helpful fitness device into a watch that’s thinner and more comfortable to wear than competitors such as the Garmin vivosmart HR. There are only two downsides: the Polar A360 doesn’t measure running distances and its wristband can be tricky to secure.

Can you run on a treadmill on the A360?

If you’re running on a treadmill, you’ll rack up zero miles, since the A360 doesn’t track running distance. As with most fitness trackers, the A360 also won’t automatically recognize that a training session, like cycling or running, has started.