Has there ever been a perfect game pitched in the World Series?

There has been one perfect game in the World Series, thrown by Don Larsen for the New York Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers on October 8, 1956.

Did Sandy Koufax pitch a perfect game in the World Series?

Sandy Koufax’s perfect game was also his fourth career no-hitter, which stood as a Major League record until Nolan Ryan achieved his fifth in 1981. 29,139….Box score.

Chicago Cubs Harvey Kuenn, PH
Los Angeles Dodgers Sandy Koufax, P
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Did Sandy Koufax win a World Series?

He won five straight NL ERA titles from 1962-66 and led the Dodgers to the NL pennant in 1963, 1965 and 1966, winning the World Series in 1963 and 1965. “He was the greatest pitcher of his time in baseball,” said writer Jimmy Cannon.

How many 1 hitters did Sandy Koufax have?

The great Sandy Koufax tops the Los Angeles Dodgers’ no-hitter list with 4 career no-nos (including one perfect game), a total that’s second only in the major leagues to Nolan Ryan’s seven no-hitters. (His third of four no-hitters, tying Larry Corcoran, Cy Young and Bob Feller..

Has anyone thrown 2 perfect games?

No major league player has ever thrown two perfect games, although Jean Faut of the AAGPBL accomplished the feat with perfect games in 1951 and 1953. Ron Hassey is the only catcher to be behind the plate for two perfect games: Len Barker in 1981 and Dennis Martinez in 1991.

How fast did Sandy Koufax throw a baseball?

He is sacred.” Koufax was an American baseball legend. He possessed a 100-mph fastball and what announcer Vin Scully called “a twelve-to-six curveball” since it started at 12 o’clock then dropped to 6 o’clock. From 1963–1966, he had the best four-year span of any pitcher in baseball history.

Did Sandy Koufax ever hit a homerun?

Even for a pitcher, Koufax was a weak hitter, batting just . 097 in his career. He did have two home runs.

Who threw the slowest pitch in MLB history?

Brock Holt
Utility player Brock Holt used a few eephus pitches during a relief appearance for the Texas Rangers on August 7, 2021, one registering the slowest MLB pitch for a called strike since at least 2008 (the pitch-tracking era) at 31.1 miles per hour (50.1 km/h).

Has there ever been a 3 pitch inning in MLB?

Sandy Koufax (left), Chris Sale (middle), and Max Scherzer (right) are the only pitchers to achieve an immaculate inning three times in a career.

What was wrong with Sandy Koufax’s arm?

Sandy Koufax was forced to retire in 1966 during the peak of his career due to severe elbow pain. He has reportedly said that his elbow hurt every time he pitched. He suffered from a suspected UCL injury. Pitchers injure their elbow at a higher rate than positional players (26% compared to 16%).

Why did Sandy Koufax not pitch in 1965 World Series?

Koufax is also remembered as one of the outstanding Jewish athletes in American sports. His decision not to pitch Game 1 of the 1965 World Series because it fell on Yom Kippur garnered national attention as an example of conflict between professional pressures and personal beliefs.

What was Sandy Koufax’s fourth no-hitter in baseball?

Become a Los Angeles Times subscriber. Sandy Koufax after his fourth no-hitter, which was a perfect game. There have been hundreds of thousands of games played in the history of Major League Baseball.

When did Sandy Koufax pitch for the Dodgers?

Sandy Koufax Sandy Koufax World Series Pitching Stats Year Team G ERA SV 1959 Dodgers 2 1.00 0 1963 Dodgers 2 1.50 0 1965 Dodgers 3 0.38 0